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    The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment.It was first released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in PAL regions on September 1, 2005, and is the first handheld installment in the PlayStation line of consoles.

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    Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a degenerative disease involving the gradual deterioration and death of specific volumes of the brain. The condition leads to symptoms including loss of balance, slowing of movement, difficulty moving the eyes, and dementia.

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    PlayStation Portable, também conhecido pela sigla PSP, é um console portátil de videojogos da família PlayStation desenvolvido pela Sony Computer Entertainment.Foi anunciado na E3 de 2004 e lançado em 12 de dezembro de 2004 no Japão, e nos Estados Unidos em 24 de março de 2005.

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  5. PlayStation Portable - Wikipedia

    PlayStation Portable(プレイステーション・ポータブル、略: PSP )は、日本で2004年 12月12日に発売された携帯型ゲーム機 。 発売元はソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント(略: SCE、現: ソニー・インタラクティブエンタテインメント)。

  6. The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is Sony's first video game console to be a handheld. It was made in Japan and came out there first on December 12, 2004. After that, it came out in North America on March 24, 2005 and came out in Europe on September 1, 2005.

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    Unlike previous PSP models, the PSP Go does not feature a UMD drive, but instead has 16GB of internal flash memory to store games, video and other media. This can be extended by up to 32GB with the use of a Memory Stick Micro (M2) flash card. Unlike previous PSP models, the PSP Go's rechargable battery is not removable or replacable by the user.[citation needed] The unit is 43% lighter and 56% smaller than the original PSP 1000 series, and 16% lighter and 35% smaller than the PSP 3000 series....

    The PSP Go features built-in wi-fi, but no longer has a standard USB Type-B plug. A new proprietary Multi use connector is used for DC IN / OUT, USB, Video Output / Input, Sound Input / Output and the new system dock. The PSP Go also supports Bluetooth connectivity enabling the use of compatible Bluetooth headsets and tethering with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. This will also enable users to connect and play games using a Sixaxis or DualShock 3 PlayStation 3 controller or Bluetooth headset.

    Because the PSP Go does not feature a UMD drive, games are downloaded from the PlayStation Store. While other PSP models have included the ability to run games and demos downloaded from the PlayStation Store, the PSP Go is the first for which this is the only means of distribution. Currently there are three ways to access the PlayStation Store. The PSP Go can directly download to itself, or users can also download then transfer the games from a PlayStation 3 or the Media Go software on Window...

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    A PSP é também responsável por fornecer o pessoal policial que integra as polícias municipais de Lisboa e do Porto. No entanto, estas polícias dependem funcionalmente das administrações municipais destas cidades. Os diversos comandos territoriais da PSP estão, normalmente, divididos em divisões policiais, que englobam diversas esquadras.

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    The PlayStation Wiki seeks to cover all content related to PlayStation. From the consoles, peripherals and infrastructure, to the games, brands and developers. Our aim is to eventually have a page for every single game ever released on PlayStation platforms. Wiki Statistics 849 articles, 1,695 files, and 13,380 edits, since November 2007. See ...

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    PSP(ピーエスピー) PlayStation Portable(プレイステーション・ポータブル) - SCEの携帯型ゲーム機。 Corel Paint Shop Pro - コーレルから発売されているWindows用グラフィックソフトウェア。 フェノールスルホンフタレイン(phenolsulfonphthalein) - pH指示薬

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    Mar 17, 2020 · Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is an uncommon brain disorder that affects movement, control of walking (gait) and balance, speech, swallowing, vision, mood and behavior, and thinking. The disease results from damage to nerve cells in the brain.