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  1. A television series about Chaplin's childhood, Young Charlie Chaplin, ran on PBS in 1989, and was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program. The French film The Price of Fame (2014) is a fictionalised account of the robbery of Chaplin's grave. Chaplin's life has also been the subject of several stage productions.

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    Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889 in London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Chaplin had a rough childhood; his mother, Hannah Hill Chaplin, a talented singer, actress, and piano player, spent most of her life in and out of mental hospitals. His father, Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr. was a fairly successful singer until he began drinking. After his parents separated, Charlie and his half-brother, Sidney, spent most of their childhood in orphanages, where they often went hungry and were beaten if they misbehaved. He first started acting at age five. He acted in a music hall in 1894, standing in for his mother. When Charlie was a child, he was kept in bed for many weeks from a bad illness. At night, his mother would sit at the window and act out what was going on outside. His first important work came when he joined The Eight Lancashire Lads. In 1900, his brother Sydney helped him get the role of a comic cat in the pantomime Cinderella. In 1903he was...

    Chaplin was the target of an assassination attempt which took the life of Prime Minister of Japan Inukai Tsuyoshi. On 15 May 1932, Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi was shot by eleven young naval officers (most were just turning twenty years of age) in the prime minister's residence. The original assassination plan had included killing Chaplin who had arrived in Japan on 14 May 1932, at a reception for Chaplin, planned by Prime Minister Inukai. When the prime minister was killed, his son Inukai Takeru was watching a sumowrestling match with Charlie Chaplin, which probably saved both their lives.

    Chaplin won two special Oscars. Chaplin had first been chosen for both "Best Actor" and "Best Comedy Directing". But then, instead, he was given a special award "for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing". Chaplin's second special award came 44 years later, in 1972. When getting this award, Chaplin had the longest standing ovation (people standing up and clapping) in Academy Award history. In 1976 he was given the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award, a lifetime achievement award. Chaplin became the first actor to have appeared in the cover of Timein 1925. Myths say, Chaplin once entered in a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest.Chaplin lost the contest.

    Chaplin died on Christmas on 25 December 1977, in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. He died of a stroke in his sleep, at the age of 88. On March 1, 1978, his body was stolen by a small group of Swiss people. They were trying to get money from Chaplin’s family. This plan didn’t work. The criminals were caught, and Charlie’s body was found 11 weeks later near Lake Geneva. He was buried under concrete to prevent further incidents.

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    • Actor, comedian, director, composer, screenwriter, producer, editor
    • Charles Spencer Chaplin, 16 April 1889, Walworth, London, England
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  3. He looked pretty hansome with no makeup. charlie chaplin first movie/film was Making a Living which was released in 1914. charlie chaplin last movie was The Gentleman Tramp. charlie chaplin was known to express his thoughts in his movies. charlie chaplin nationality/ country was british. charlie chaplin was into acting since his childhood ...

  4. 88 years. Cause of Death. Stroke. Profession. Movie Actor. The movie actor Charlie Chaplin died at the age of 88. Here is all you want to know, and more! Biography - A Short Wiki. Comedic silent film icon who gained world fame for portraying his character, The Tramp, and starred in The Great Dictator and Modern Times.

    • April 16, 1889
    • December 25, 1977
  5. Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr. (18 March 1863 – 9 May 1901) was an English music hall entertainer. He achieved considerable success in the 1890s, and was the father of the actor and filmmaker Sir Charlie Chaplin .

  6. Charlie Chaplin was an English actor, comedian, and filmmaker whose work in motion pictures spanned from 1914 until 1967. During his early years in film, he became established as a worldwide cinematic idol renowned for his tramp persona. In the 1910s and 1920s, he was considered the most famous person on the planet. Chaplin was born in London and began acting on stage at the age of nine. In 1913, while on tour in the United States with Fred Karno's comedy group, he accepted a contract to work fo

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