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  1. In 1995, the Toyota Avalon was introduced, becoming the first Japanese non-luxury full-size car with six seats to be sold in North America. [citation needed] The 1989 Lexus LS400 luxury sedan was the first Japanese full-size car sold in North America. Following the 1996 model year, GM ended production of rear-wheel drive sedans. 2000s–present

  2. Legal structure. None of the "firms" within the Big Four is actually a single firm; rather, they are professional services networks.Each is a network of firms, owned and managed independently, which have entered into agreements with the other member firms in the network to share a common name, brand, intellectual property, and quality standards.

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    Zumba was created in the 1990s by dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez, an aerobics instructor in Cali, Colombia. After forgetting his usual music one day, and using cassette tapes of Latin dance music ( salsa and merengue ) for class, Pérez began integrating the music and dancing into other classes, calling it "Rumbacize".

  4. Tattoo removal is the process of removing an unwanted tattoo. The process of tattooing generally creates permanent markings in the skin, but people have attempted many methods to try to hide or destroy tattoos.

  5. Luna is an American rock band formed in 1991 by singer and guitarist Dean Wareham after the breakup of Galaxie 500.Described by Rolling Stone as "the best band you’ve never heard of," Luna combine intricate guitar work, traditional rock rhythms, and poetic lyrics.

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  7. The usage share of web browsers is the portion, often expressed as a percentage, of visitors to a group of web sites that use a particular web browser Contents 1 Accuracy

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