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    Indeed, most features of Malayalam morphology are derivable from a form of speech corresponding to early Middle Tamil. Robert Caldwell, in his 1856 book "A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian Family of Languages", opined that Malayalam branched from Classical Tamil and over time gained a large amount of Sanskrit vocabulary and lost the personal terminations of verbs.

  2. List of Malayalam films of 2020 - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Malayalam films that are scheduled to release in 2020.. Released films. The list of released films.

  3. List of Malayalam films of 2019 - Wikipedia

    The tables list the Malayalam films released in theaters in the year 2019.Premiere shows and film festival screenings are not considered as releases for this list.

  4. No.20 Madras Mail - Wikipedia

    No.20 Madras Mail is a 1990 Indian Malayalam-language comedy thriller film directed by Joshiy and written by Dennis Joseph from a story by Harikumar. The film stars Mohanlal in the lead role, along with Jagadish, Maniyanpilla Raju, Mammootty, M. G. Soman, Ashokan, and Suchitra Murali in supporting roles.

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    Active Malayalam film production did not take place until the second half of the 20th century: there were only two silent films, and three Malayalam-language films before 1947. [20] [21] With support from the Kerala state government production climbed from around 6 a year in the 1950s, to 30 a year in the 1960s, 40 a year in the 1970s, to 127 ...

  7. ചരിത്രം മലയാളം വിക്കിപീഡിയയുടെ തുടക്കം. 2002 ഡിസംബർ 21-ന് ...

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    The modern Malayalam alphabet has 15 vowel letters, 42 consonant letters, and a few other symbols. The Malayalam script is a Vatteluttu alphabet extended with symbols from the Grantha alphabet to represent Indo-Aryan loanwords. The script is also used to write several minority languages such as Paniya, Betta Kurumba, and Ravula.

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    Etymology. Malayalam, the native language of Malayalis, has its origin from the words mala meaning "mountain" and alam meaning "land" or "locality". Hence the term Malayali refers to the people from the mountains who lived beyond the Western Ghats, and Malayalam the language that was spoken there.

  10. Bigg Boss (Malayalam season 2) - Wikipedia

    Week 5 - Daya Aswathy became the first contestant in Bigg boss Malayalam to gain more than 60% of the vote while Pradeep, Veena, Jazla and Reshma get 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Though, all contestants were saved from eviction; Week 6 - Rajith, Daya and Arya were top 3 with 42%, 20% and 17% respectively.

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