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  1. Fifth generation of video game consoles - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · The 32-bit/64-bit era is most noted for the rise of fully 3D polygon games. While there were games prior that had used three-dimensional polygon environments, such as Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter in the arcades and Star Fox on the Super NES, it was in this era that many game designers began to move traditionally 2D and pseudo-3D genres into 3D on video game consoles.

  2. Windows NT - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Windows NT 3.1 was the first version of Windows to use 32-bit flat virtual memory addressing on 32-bit processors. Its companion product, Windows 3.1, used segmented addressing and switches from 16-bit to 32-bit addressing in pages.

    • 20H2, 10.0.19042.610, (October 29, 2020; 3 days ago) [±]
    • July 27, 1993; 27 years ago, (as Windows NT 3.1)
  3. x86 - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · x86 is a family of instruction set architectures initially developed by Intel based on the Intel 8086 microprocessor and its 8088 variant. The 8086 was introduced in 1978 as a fully 16-bit extension of Intel's 8-bit 8080 microprocessor, with memory segmentation as a solution for addressing more memory than can be covered by a plain 16-bit address.

    • 1978 (16-bit), 1985 (32-bit), 2003 (64-bit)
    • CISC
  4. ISO 9660 - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · A 32-bit PC BIOS will search for boot code on an ISO 9660 CD-ROM. The standard allows for booting in two different modes. Either in hard disk emulation when the boot information can be accessed directly from the CD media, or in floppy emulation mode where the boot information is stored in an image file of a floppy disk , which is loaded from ...

    • 1988; 32 years ago
    • 4 GiB
  5. Darktable - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Darktable (stylized as darktable) is a free and open-source photography application software and raw developer. Rather than being a raster graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, it comprises a subset of image editing operations specifically aimed at non-destructive raw photo post-production.

  6. Windows 9x - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · After Windows 3.11, Microsoft began to develop a new consumer oriented version of the operating system code-named Chicago.Chicago was designed to have support for 32-bit preemptive multitasking, that of which was available in OS/2 and Windows NT, although a 16-bit kernel would remain for the sake of backward compatibility.

  7. MIPS Assembly/Instruction Formats - Wikibooks, open books for ...

    Today · opcode The opcode is the machinecode representation of the instruction mnemonic. Several related instructions can have the same opcode. The opcode field is 6 bits long (bit 26 to bit 31).

  8. Système hexadécimal — Wikipédiaème_hexadécimal

    1 day ago · Wikipedia® est une marque déposée de la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., organisation de bienfaisance régie par le paragraphe 501(c)(3) du code fiscal des États-Unis. Politique de confidentialité À propos de Wikipédia

  9. WOW64 - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · WOW64(ワウ64、Windows 32-bit On Windows 64-bit)とは、64ビット (x64およびIA-64) 版のMicrosoft WindowsにおいてWin32 アプリケーションを ...

  10. Windows Server 2008 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    1 day ago · Microsoft introdujo Windows Server 2008 R2 en la Professional Developers Conference (PDC) del 2008 como una variante de servidor del nuevo sistema operativo Windows 7. Una guía preliminar publicada por la compañía describe muchas áreas de mejora, [5] notablemente la inclusión de un número de nuevas características de virtualización incluyendo Live Migration y Cluster Shared Volumes, un ...

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