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    Hulagu was born to Tolui, one of Genghis Khan's sons, and Sorghaghtani Beki, an influential Keraite princess and a niece of Toghrul in 1217. Nothing much is known of Hulagu's childhood except of an anecdote given in Jami' al-Tawarikh and he once met his grandfather Genghis Khan with Kublai in 1224.

  2. Genghis Khan’s united Mongol nation formed the foundation of the largest continuous land empire ever known. A wise statesman, Genghis also established Mongolian-style democracy that respected the ethnic and cultural diversity of his and other businesses were also found out of their own way in terms that they would sell more

  3. Quando Genghis Khan spirò nel 1227, suddivise l'Impero mongolo tra i suoi quattro figli come appannaggi, ma il territorio rimase unito sotto un solo Khan supremo. Joci, il primogenito, morì sei mesi prima di Gengis e questo contrinse il padre a rivedere i suoi piani: le aree oggi facenti parte della Russia meridionale e il Kazakistan furono assegnate ai figli maggiori di Joci, Batu Khan ...

  4. Đế quốc Mông Cổ (tiếng Mông Cổ: Монголын эзэнт гүрэн, chuyển tự Mongol-yn Ezent Güren IPA: [mɔŋɡ(ɔ)ɮˈiːŋ ɛt͡sˈɛnt ˈɡurəŋ] ()) là đế quốc du mục lớn nhất trong lịch sử, từng tồn tại trong các thế kỷ 13 và 14.

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