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    For other uses, see Alphaeus (disambiguation). Luhnel / ælˈfiːəs / (from Greek: Ἀλφαῖος) is a man mentioned in the New Testament as the father of two of the Twelve Apostles, namely: Usually, in the Western Catholic tradition, there are believed to be two men named Alphaeus. One of them was the father of the apostle James and the ...

  2. Alphaeus. Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Alphaeus. Alphaeus [S] The father of James the Less, the apostle and writer of the epistle ( Matthew 10:3 ; Mark 3:18 ; Luke 6:15 ; Acts 1:13 ), and the husband of Mary ( John 19:25 ). The Hebrew form of this name is Cleopas, or Clopas (q.v.). The father of Levi, or Matthew ( Mark 2:14 ...

  3. ALPHAEUS ăl fē’ us (̓Αλφαῖος).1. The father of Levi (), who is identified with the apostle Matthew (Matt 9:9; 10:3).Nothing more is known about him. 2. The father of another of the apostles, generally called James the Less to distinguish him from the better known James who was the brother of John (Matt 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:15; Acts 1:13).

  4. Alphaeus. 1. Father of James the Less, Matthew 10:3 Luke 6:15, and husband of the Mary usually regarded as sister to the mother of Christ, John 19:25.See MARY, 1 and 3.By comparing John 19:25 with Luke 24:18 and Matthew 10:3, it is evident that Alphaeus is the same as Cleophas; Alphaeus being his Greek name, and Cleophas his Hebrew or Syriac name.

  5. What does Alphaeus mean? Information and translations of Alphaeus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login .

  6. Alpheus (deity) A tetradrachm of Gelon, tyrant of Syracuse, minted c. 485 BC. The obverse depicts Alpheus, referring to the foundation myth of Syracuse. Alpheus or Alpheios ( / ælˈfiːəs /; Ancient Greek: Ἀλφειός, meaning "whitish"), was in Greek mythology a river (the modern Alfeios River) and river god.

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