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  1. Anna Constantia von Brockdorff (17 October 1680 – 31 March 1765), later the Countess of Cosel, was a German lady-in-waiting and noblewoman, and mistress of Augustus the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, in 1706–1713.

  2. Feb 11, 2019 · Birthplace: Gut Depenau heute Ortsteil von Stolpe (Holstein), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Death: March 31, 1765 (84) Stolpen, Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, Freistaat Sachsen, Germany. Immediate Family: Daughter of Joachim von Brockdorf, til Depenau og Dueholm Closter and Anna Margrethe Marselis, til Dueholm & Lund.

  3. Anna Constantia Reichsgräfin von Cosel, geb. von Brockdorff (* 17. Oktober 1680 in Depenau; † 31. März 1765 in Stolpen) war neben Aurora von Königsmarck die bekannteste Mätresse Augusts des Starken .

  4. Anna Constanze, or Anna Constantia (in Polish: Anna Konstancya) von Brockdorff was born in 1680. She was the daughter of Ritter (Knight) Joachim von Brockdorff and his wife Anna Margarethe Marselis. She married Adolph Magnus, Baron Hoym, on 2 July 1703, after four years of open concubinage.

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    Anna Constantia von Brockdorff, Countess of Cosel, mistress of Augustus the Strong. Baron Joachim von Brockdorff, who built the Brockdorff's Palace; Count Cay Lorenz von Brockdorff (1766–1840), Last Chancellor of Schleswig-Holstein and first High Court President of Schleswig-Holstein Count Cay Lorenz von Brockdorff (1844–1921), grandson of ...

  6. Anna Constantia. von Brockdorff. Von Cosel. Birth. 17 Oct 1680. Depenau, Kreis Plön, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Death. 31 Mar 1765 (aged 84) Stolpen, Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzebirge, Saxony (Sachsen), Germany.

  7. Anna Constantia Von Brockdorff - Life Life Anna Constantia was born in Gut Depenau, today part of Stolpe, Holstein, the daughter of the Knight ( Ritter ) Joachim von Brockdorff and his wife Anna Margarethe, daughter of the rich Hamburg citizen Leonhard Marselis, owner of Gut Depenauborn.