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    Leonese was probably spoken in a much larger area in the Middle Ages, roughly corresponding to the old Kingdom of León. As the Castilian language became the main language in Spain, the linguistic features of the Leonese language retreated progressively westwards. In the late 1990s several associations unofficially promoted Leonese language ...

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    Asturian is part of a wider linguistic group, the Astur-Leonese languages. The number of speakers is estimated at 100,000 (native) and 450,000 (second language). The dialects of the Astur-Leonese language family are traditionally classified in 3 groups: Western, Central, and Eastern.

    • 351,791 (2017), 641,502 L1 + L2 speakers (2017)
    • Asturias
  3. The others do not separate the linguistic group from asturian language, which is just one of the languages that belongs to Astur-leonese group. Note: I do not want to put the asturian interwiki ast:Dominiu llingüísticu astur because of its doubtful credibility. --Galician 14:55, 21 March 2007 (UTC) Language Differences

  4. Leonese ( Leonese: Llionés, Asturian: Lleonés) is a set of vernacular Romance language varieties currently spoken in northern and western portions of the historical region of León in Spain (the modern provinces of León, Zamora, and Salamanca) and a few adjoining areas in Portugal. In this narrow sense, Leonese is distinct from the dialects ...

    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
    • Spain, Portugal
  5. The Mirandese language (Mirandese: mirandés or lhéngua mirandesa; Portuguese: mirandês or língua mirandesa) is an Astur-Leonese language or language variety that is sparsely spoken in a small area of northeastern Portugal in Terra de Miranda (made up of the municipalities of Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro and Vimioso).

  6. We also have Astur-Leonese languages, Asturian language, Mirandese language, and Extremaduran language, but Cantabrian dialect. These should be consistent, either Astur-Leonese language with the various member dialects, or a group of languages with member languages (as we have it now, except for Cantabrian).

  7. The Asturian language is the native language of Asturias.Between 200,000 and 600,000 people speak it in Asturias. This language is very similar to Leonese Language, spoken in other territories that once made up the Kingdom of León (León, Western Zamora, Salamanca and Northwestern Cáceres where is called extremaduran), and to Mirandes Language, spoken in Miranda do Douro in Portugal.

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