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  1. Augustus II [a] (12 May 1670 – 1 February 1733), most commonly known as Augustus the Strong, was Elector of Saxony from 1694 as well as King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania in the years 1697–1706 and from 1709 until his death in 1733. He belonged to the Albertine line of the House of Wettin .

  2. Augustus II, also called Augustus Frederick, byname Augustus the Strong, Polish August II Wettin or August Mocny, German August Friedrich or August der Starke, (born May 12, 1670, Dresden, Saxony [Germany]—died February 1, 1733, Warsaw, Poland), king of Poland and elector of Saxony (as Frederick Augustus I).

  3. Actors posing as Augustus II are a sight to behold in Dresden. The standard costume involves a mountain of flowing locks, kingly robes and a physique that lives up to the ruler's nickname, Augustus...

  4. he confirmed the privileges of the jews, following the example of his predecessor, john sobieski (1674-96); but while that monarch always manifested a friendly disposition toward them, augustus ii., with his lavish expenditures—which impoverished poland and laid the foundations for her future misfortunes —was quite indifferent to the condition of …

  5. AUGUSTUS II THE STRONG (SAXONY AND POLAND) (1670 – 1733), Elector Frederick Augustus I of Saxony 1694 – 1733 and King Augustus II of Poland 1697 – 1704 and 1709 – 1733.

  6. Augustus II was called "the Strong" for his bear-like physical strength and for his numerous offspring (only one of them his legitimate child and heir). The most famous of the king's children born out of wedlock was Maurice de Saxe, a brilliant strategist who attained the highest military ranks in the kingdom of France.

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