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    Baibars is a central character in "The Saracen" – Novel by Robert Shea, 1989 Historic Fiction. Baibars is one of the characters in the 1994 Egyptian TV series, Al-Forsan. Baibars is the main character in the 2005 Syrian TV series, Al-Zahir Baibars. Baibars is one of the characters in the 2006 Egyptian TV series, Ala Bab Misr. See also. Ablaq

  2. Baibars I (en turco, Baybars; en árabe, al-Malik al-Zahir Rukn al-Din Baibars al-Bunduqdari; 1223-1 de julio de 1277) fue un sultán mameluco de Egipto y Siria.De origen kipchak, fue hecho esclavo en Crimea, donde se había refugiado su tribu, en la década de 1240, y vendido en Alepo. [1]

  3. The siege of Antioch occurred in 1268 when the Mamluk Sultanate under Baibars finally succeeded in capturing the city of Antioch.Prior to the siege, the Crusader Principality was oblivious to the loss of the city, as demonstrated when Baibars sent negotiators to the leader of the former Crusader state and mocked his use of "Prince" in the title Prince of Antioch.

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  7. In 1271, Sultan Baibars captured Montfort Castle , and in 1291, the Crusader city of Acre fell, ending the era of Latin Crusader kingdoms. Calls for new crusades over the next centuries were increasingly ignored, despite the renown in which Crusaders and the Holy Land were held in legend ( 1993.65.4 ; 23.21.4 ; 25.120.528 ; 25.120.529 ; 54.1.1 ...

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