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  1. At Nokia Bell Labs, we are constantly challenging the status quo and relentlessly pushing boundaries. We admire the talent to create. We embrace unique ideas and cultivate passion for building things that matter. If you embody any of those qualities, we look forward to adding your unique abilities to our team.

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    British mini-bell system. A variant of this system used in the North Sea oilfields between early 1986 and the early 90s was the Oceantech Minibell system, which was used for bell-bounce dives, and was operated as an open bell for the descent, and as a closed bell for the ascent.

  3. The BRG Carillon (kare'-uh-lawn) Bell System includes digital recordings of real cast bells, chimes and carillons. The BRG carillon has many features simply not available in any other carillon. In fact, it's the most versatile and affordable carillon available anywhere. This maintenance free bell system is the perfect everlasting memorial gift.

  4. Plan 9 from Bell Labs is a distributed operating system which originated from the Computing Science Research Center (CSRC) at Bell Labs in the mid-1980s and built on UNIX concepts first developed there in the late 1960s. Since 2000, Plan 9 has been free and open-source. The final official release was in early 2015.

  5. The Bell System's Bell Telephone Company of Canada subsidiary, wholly owned by the National Bell, had been established two years earlier. Alexander Graham Bell's ten shares of Bell Telephone Company stock were later converted into a single share of the American Bell Telephone Company, and still later into two shares of the American Telephone ...

  6. The Bell AH-1Z shares 85% commonality with the Bell UH-1Y components—shrinking the need for extra logistics, maintenance and training costs for your entire fleet. Smart TSS Sensor Accurately identify long-range targets—in any weather, day or night.

  7. Available to new Bell Smart Home and current eligible residential Bell Internet and Mobility customers at the same address. Price is based on continued subscription to a Smart Home package on a 3-year contract, less a $10/mo. $10 per month credit with an eligible Internet package and a $10/mo. $10 per month credit with an eligible consumer ...

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