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    The federal government of Canada is the body responsible for the federal administration of Canada.In Canadian English, the term can mean either the collective set of institutions (the legislative, executive, and judicial branches) or specifically the Queen-in-Council (the executive, also called Her Majesty's Government).

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    You can help Wikipedia by writing articles to help lower the number of red links. ( July 2014 ) There are two kinds of regions in Canada: those formed at the national level and sometimes used for the Canadian Senate, and those used within the provinces and territories.

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    Lokasyon na Canada: 56°0′0″N 109°0′0″W: Dalin: Canada: Angipaletnegan: Say Canada sakey bansan diad Amerika.Say kabesera ed Ottawa.

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    Sep 04, 2020 · Canada is the largest and northernmost country in North America. Insignia - Emblèmes . Main gallery: National symbols of Canada. English: Flag. Français : Drapeau.

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    This is a list of universities in Canada.. List of public universities. Name City Province Language Est. Under-graduates Post-graduates Total students

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    Canada, Russia ke baad, land area me dunia ke duusra sab se barraa des hae. Iske coastline dunia ke des me se sab se lamba hae aur iske Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, aur Atlantic Ocean se mile hae. 33 million log Canada ke das province aur tiin territory me rahe hae. Canada me 6 time zone hae.

  7. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is part of the province of Ontario.It is south of the Ottawa River.In 2004, there were about 808,391 people in the city. The region has about 1,146,790 people.

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    Canada is the largest country in North America by land area, second in the world overall (behind only Russia).Renowned worldwide for its vast, untouched landscape, its blend of cultures and multifaceted history, Canada is one of the world's wealthiest countries and a major tourist destination.

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    Canada (pronunție franceză: /kanadɑ/; engleză: /ˈkænədə/) este un stat situat în extremitatea nordică a continentului american. Este a doua țară a lumii ca întindere după Rusia , cu 9.984.670 km², teritoriul său fiind organizat asemenea unui stat federal , în zece provincii și trei teritorii .

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    Europei (76,7%) Asiatici (14,2%) Aborigeni (4,3%) Neri (2,9%) Latino-americani (1,2%) Multirazziali (0,5%) Altro (0,3%) Carta dei gruppi etnici maggioritari del Canada (2006) Canadese Inglese Francese Scozzese Tedesca Italiana Indigena Ucraina Indiana Inuit Circa il 4,0% della popolazione proviene dall' Asia meridionale , un altro 4,0% fa parte delle cosiddette Prime nazioni e il 2,5% è ...