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  1. Charles IX with Christina, 17th century In 1592 he married his second wife Christina of Holstein-Gottorp (1573–1625), daughter of Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp (1526–1586) and Christine of Hesse (1543–1604), and first cousin of his previous wife. Their children were: Christina (1593–1594) Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden (Gustav II Adolf) (1594–1632)

  2. Charles IX, (born Oct. 4, 1550, Stockholm—died Oct. 30, 1611, Nyköping, Swed.), virtual ruler of Sweden (1599–1604) and king (1604–11) who reaffirmed Lutheranism as the national religion and pursued an aggressive foreign policy leading to war with Poland (1605) and Denmark (1611).

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  3. Jul 4, 2021 · Kaarle IX sai taitavan ja häikäilemättömän politiikkansa ansiosta itselleen Ruotsin kruunun, johon hänellä ei Kustaa Vaasan nuorimpana poikana olisi pitänyt olla mitään mahdollisuuksia. Kaarle syrjäytti veljenpoikansa Sigismundin, joka oli myös Puolan kuningas, ja hänen hallituskauttaan leimasikin jatkuva kamppailu Puolaa vastaan.

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    In 1568 he was the real leader of the rebellion against Eric XIV. However, he took no part in the designs of his brother John III against the unhappy king after his deposition. Charles's relations with John were always more or less strained. He had no sympathy with John's High-Church tendencies on the one hand, and he sturdily resisted all the king...

    Finally, the Riksdag at Linköping, 24 February 1604 declared that Sigismund abdicated the Swedish throne, that duke Charles was recognized as the sovereign. He was declared king as Karl IX (anglicized as Charles IX). Charles's short reign was one of uninterrupted warfare. The hostility of Poland and the breakup of Russia involved him in overseas co...

    Four and a half years later Charles IX died at Nyköping, 30 October 1611 when he was succeeded by his seventeen-year-old son Gustavus Adolphus, who had participated in the wars. As a ruler, he is the link between his great father and his still greater son. He consolidated the work of Gustav I, the creation of a great Protestant state; he prepared t...

    He married, firstly, Anna Marie of Palatinate-Simmern (1561–1589), daughter of Louis VI, Elector Palatine (1539–1583) and Elisabeth of Hesse(1539–1584). Their children were: 1. Margareta Elisabeth (1580–1585) 2. Elisabeth Sabina (1582–1585) 3. Louis (1583–1583) 4. Catherine (1584–1638), married a prince of the Palatinate Zweibrücken, becoming mothe...

    History of Sweden — Rise of Sweden as a Great Power
    Kings of Kvenland— although his successor dropped the title, Charles claimed to be King of the Caijaners from 1607 to 1611

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  4. Carl IX (1550-1611), in Swedish Karl IX and in English alternately referred to as Charles, was King of Sweden 1604-1611. Subcategories This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total. Coins of Charles IX of Sweden ‎ (45 F) * Portrait paintings of Charles IX of Sweden ‎ (15 F) C Charles IX's coronation ring ‎ (25 F)

  5. Charles XIV John. (1763–1844) Elected Crown Prince by the Riksdag 1810. r. 1818–1844. Eugène de Beauharnais. (1781–1824) Princess Augusta of Bavaria. (1788–1851)

  6. In May 1599, Charles' forces captured the last fortress held by Sigismund, Kalmar. On July 24, 1599, the Riksdag in Stockholm officially dethroned Sigismund. The new King of Sweden was Charles IX of Sweden, and the Polish–Swedish union was dissolved after barely seven years of existence.

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