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  1. The only mention of Cleopas in the Bible is in Luke 24:18. Cleopas was one of two disciples Jesus met on the road to Emmaus on the day of His resurrection. We do not know the identity of the other disciple, but we know that neither was one of the eleven apostles remaining after Judas' death (verse 33). Cleopas and the other disciple were on the ...

  2. Cleopas is a Greek name, contracted from Cleopater, while Cleophas, or Clopas as in the Revised Version, is an Aramaic name, the same as Alphaeus. (abbreviation of Cleopatros), one of the two disciples with whom Jesus conversed on the way to Emmaus on the day of the resurrection ( Luke 24:18 ).

  3. CLEOPAS. One of the two disciples to whom Christ appeared on the road to emmaus after His Resurrection (Lk 24.18). Except for his part in the account of the Resurrection appearance found in Lk 24.13 – 35, nothing is known with certainty of this disciple, for the name does not recur in the New Testment.

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