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  1. Daphne Koller ( Hebrew: דפנה קולר; born August 27, 1968) is an Israeli-American computer scientist. She was a professor in the department of computer science at Stanford University [4] and a MacArthur Foundation fellowship recipient. [1] She is one of the founders of Coursera, an online education platform.

  2. A 3rd generation Ph.D who is passionate about education, Stanford professor Daphne Koller is excited to be making the college experience available to anyone through her startup, Coursera. With classes from 85 top colleges, Coursera is an innovative model for online learning.

  3. Nov 03, 2020 · Daphne Koller is betting artificial intelligence can change that dynamic. Twenty years ago, when she first started using artificial intelligence to venture into medicine and biology, Koller was stymied by a lack of data. There wasn’t enough of it and what there was, was often not well suited to the problems she wanted to solve.

  4. Professor Daphne Koller Contact Information: home | biography | research | papers | my group courses | professional activities | FAQ | personal

  5. Professor Daphne Koller joined the faculty at Stanford University in 1995, where she is now the Rajeev Motwani Professor in the School of Engineering. Her main research interest is in developing and using machine learning and probabilistic methods to model and analyze complex domains.

  6. 221. Daphne Koller. CEO and Founder, insitro. Verified email at machine learning computational biology computer vision artificial intelligence. Title.

  7. Sep 28, 2004 · Daphne Koller is a computer scientist who has developed new computational methods for representing knowledge and reasoning at the intersection of traditional logic, probability, uncertainty, and subjective judgment. Her work bridges a longstanding divide in the field of artificial intelligence between efforts to develop an explicit ...

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