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    Etymology and history. Before the advent of Islam in Central Asia, Khatun was the title of the queen of Bukhara.According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, "Khatun [is] a title of Sogdian origin borne by the wives and female relatives of the Göktürks and subsequent Turkish rulers."

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    Hulagu was born to Tolui, one of Genghis Khan's sons, and Sorghaghtani Beki, an influential Keraite princess and a niece of Toghrul in 1217. Nothing much is known of Hulagu's childhood except of an anecdote given in Jami' al-Tawarikh and he once met his grandfather Genghis Khan with Kublai in 1224.

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    Hulagu en zijn christelijke koningin Doquz Khatun. Illustratie uit de Jami' al-tawarikh van de Perzische historicus Rashid al-Din Hulagu Khan (± 1217 – Azerbeidzjan , 8 februari 1265 ), ook wel Hoelagoe , Helegu of Hülegü , was een Mongools veroveraar in de Middeleeuwen .

  4. Nov 02, 2021 · The Xaela (ゼラ族, "Zēra Zoku," meaning "Zela Group") are said to be the children of the Dusk Mother Nhaama, the moon goddess of Auri creation. Unlike their sister clan, the Raen, the Xaela are free spirits who roam the vast western steppe of Othard in close-knit tribes hunting, gathering, and warring as their ancestors have for countless generations.

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    Sjamanist Hulagu Khan (ca. 1217–1265, kleinzoon van Dzjengis Khan) en zijn christelijke vrouw Doquz Khatun die de kinderen een christelijke opvoeding gaf, veertiende eeuw Sjamaan Ai-Churek (Moon Heart) tijdens een vuurceremonie van de Toevanen , 2001

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