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  1. Albrecht Luitpold Ferdinand Michael, Duke of Bavaria (3 May 1905 – 8 July 1996) was the son of the last crown prince of Bavaria, Rupprecht, and his first wife, Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria. He was the only surviving child from that marriage. His paternal grandfather was Ludwig III of Bavaria, the last king of Bavaria, who was deposed in 1918.

  2. Louis I, Duke of Bavaria | Military Wiki | Fandom,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Duke Louis I of Bavaria (German language:Ludwig I der Kelheimer, Herzog von Bayern, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein) (Kelheim, 23 December 1173 – 15 September 1231 in Kelheim) was the Duke of Bavaria in 1183 and Count Palatine of the Rhine in 1214. He was a son of Otto I and his wife Agnes of Loon. Louis was married to Ludmilla, a daughter of Duke Frederick of Bohemia. Louis extended the duchy of ...

  3. List of rulers of Bavaria

    Duke of Bavaria: 1055: 1061: Salian (minor: born 1050) Son of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor. Henry VIII became King of Germany (1056) and Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor in 1084. Otto II: Duke of Bavaria: 1061: 1070: Northeim: In 1061 Empress Agnes — the 11-year-old King Henry IV's mother and regent — entrusted the duchy to Otto of Nordheim ...

  4. European Heraldry :: Dukes of Bavaria

    Bavaria was portioned among the various branches from 1180 to 1503. They were called Duchy of Lower Bavaria, Duchy of Upper Bavaria, Duchy of Bavaria-Landshut, Duchy of Bavaria-Straubing, Duchy of Bavaria-Munich, Duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Duchy of Bavaria-Dachau. Albert IV of Bavaria-Munich “the Wise“(1447 – 1508) Duke of Bavaria

  5. Franz, Duke of Bavaria - YouTube

    Oct 25, 2015 · Franz, Duke of Bavaria, is head of the House of Wittelsbach, the former ruling family of the Kingdom of Bavaria. His great-grandfather King Ludwig III was the last ruling monarch of Bavaria until ...

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    Aug 23, 2020 · HRH Franz, Duke of Bavaria - John W 23/8/2020, 5:56:20. Re: HRH Franz, Duke of Bavaria - Jane 23/8/2020, 6:04:09. Re: HRH Franz, Duke of Bavaria - John W 23/8/2020, 6:28:07. The englsh kings of France - José 23/8/2020, 12:35:03. Re: The englsh kings of France - John W 23/8/2020, 13:35:24. Re: HRH Franz, Duke of Bavaria - Noel S. McFerran 23/8 ...

  7. Pedigree: Theodo IV (Duke) of BAVARIA

    Theodo IV (Duke) of BAVARIA. aka Theodon I (VII; Agilulf) von BAYERN. Born: ? Died: abt. 680. Poss. HM George I's 26-Great Grandfather. Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 22 ...

  8. The blue-blooded Bavarian Duke - The Local

    Jul 25, 2013 · The octegenarian aristocrat was born in Munich in 1933 to Duke Albrecht of Bavaria and his wife the Croatian Countess Maria Draskovich as Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Prinz von Bayern.

  9. Arnulf 'The Bad' Duke of Bavaria

    Otherwise, he was an independent ruler in his own land and called himself in his official documents "Duke of the Bavrians by the grace of God". During his struggle for the independence of Bavaria, Arnulf had confiscated many monastic estates and properties, and had granted these lands as fiefs to his nobles and soldiers.


    Thietmar records that "the empress…enthroned her brother Heinrich as duke of Bavaria" in 1018 [281]. As "Hezzilo Duke of Bavaria", brother of Empress Kunigunda, he is recorded as the latter's adviser in Wipo's description of the election of Konrad II King of Germany in 1024 [282].