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    3 days ago · Amsterdam (/ ˈ æ m s t ər d æ m / AM-stər-dam, UK also / ˌ æ m s t ər ˈ d æ m / AM-stər-DAM, Dutch: [ˌɑmstərˈdɑm] (), lit. The Dam on the River Amstel) is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands; with a population of 907,976 within the city proper, 1,558,755 in the urban area and 2,480,394 in the metropolitan area.

  2. Sep 21, 2022 · Top best answers to the question «Where did the pointer dog get its name» Answered by Reanna Reichert on Mon, Sep 6, 2021 3:07 PM This breed takes its name from the town of Munster, Germany, where it was created in the late 19th century by crossing German Longhaired Pointers with Wachtelhunds, which were Longhaired Spaniels.

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    2 days ago · The name comes from Sogdian samar "stone, rock" and kand "fort, town." [11] In this respect, Samarkand shares the same meaning as the name of the Uzbek capital Tashkent, with tash- being the Turkic term for "stone" and -kent the Turkic analogue of kand .

    • 1,123 ha
    • City Administration
    • 705 m (2,313 ft)
    • 140.1K
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    4 days ago · Cincinnati. /  39.10000°N 84.51250°W  / 39.10000; -84.51250. Cincinnati ( / ˌsɪnsɪˈnæti / SIN-sin-AT-ee) is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Hamilton County. [9] Settled in 1788, the city is located at the northern side of the confluence of the Licking and Ohio rivers, the latter of which marks the state line ...

    • 482 ft (147 m)
    • Hamilton
  6. Sep 20, 2022 · Top best answers to the question «Where did the newfoundland dog get its name» Answered by Geoffrey Hahn on Thu, May 27, 2021 6:55 PM The origins of the Newfoundland are not completely certain, though it is thought that they originate from the original dog on the Canadian island of Newfoundland (St. John's Dog), crossed with Mastiffs brought ...

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    3 days ago · The city straddles the Maumee River at its mouth at the southern end of Maumee Bay, the westernmost inlet of Lake Erie. The city is located north of what had been the Great Black Swamp, giving rise to another nickname, Frog Town.

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