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  1. Apr 21, 2022 · But on the whole, BA.2 symptoms have been generally similar to those of previous variants. "There has not been a significant change in symptoms. Usually, nasal congestion or a sore throat [are...

  2. Apr 21, 2022 · In a lot of ways, it's a bad cold, a lot of respiratory symptoms, stuffy nose, coughing, body aches and fatigue," said Dr. Dennis Cunningham, the system medical director of infection control and...

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  3. Jul 29, 2022 · The Omicron variant, like other SARS-CoV-2 variants, is comprised of a number of lineages and sublineages . The three most common lineages of Omicron currently are BA.2, BA.4, and BA.5. The Omicron variant spreads more easily than earlier variants of the virus that cause COVID-19, including the Delta variant.

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  5. Feb 22, 2022 · The Omicron variant generally causes less severe symptoms than that of the prior variants. The symptoms of Omicron may resemble a common cold, such as a cough, congestion, runny nose, sore throat,...

  6. Feb 03, 2022 · Cases of omicron BA.2 are limited in the U.S., but COVID-19 experts at Mayo Clinic say the number is growing, especially overseas. "In the U.S., we have identified cases in about half of the states, but it's about 1% or less of all of the COVID cases occurring. Now take another country like Denmark, where they had very high immunization rates.

  7. Mar 30, 2022 · So, like the original omicron strain (BA.1), the primary symptoms of a mild BA.2 infection are a cough, fever, fatigue and possible loss of taste or smell. A runny nose, gastrointestinal issues, headache and a skin rash are other common signs and symptoms. Those are pretty similar to what people experience with a cold or other seasonal viruses.

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