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  1. 1241-1246 Odegai’s wife, Toregene, becomes regent. Toregene works in the background to get Ogedai’s eldest son, Guyuk, elected as Great Khan. 1246 Guyuk elected Great Khan. 1247 First census of the empire. 1248 Guyuk dies. 1251 Mongke, eldest son of Tolui, Genghis’ fourth son, elected Great Khan.

  2. Passing through Turfan, Hami and Dunhuang, they finally got to the Hexi Corridor, and arrived to Beijing in 1266 – where Hulagu Khan’s brother Kublai Khan had his court. (At this point, Hulagu Khan was already dead, he died in February 1265.) Kublai Khan, fifth Khagan of the Mongol Empire and the would-be founder of China’s Yuan dynasty ...

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    Koeblai Khan (Turks: Kubilay Han, Mongools: Хубилай хаан; Choebilaj chaan, Chinees: 孛儿只斤忽必烈) (1215-1294), voornaam ook gespeld als Koebilai of Khubilai, was een Mongoolse militaire leider, grootkan van het Mongoolse Rijk en stichter en de eerste keizer (1279-1294) van de Yuan-dynastie in China. Hij verenigde de ...

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