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  1. Independent politician - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · An independent or nonpartisan politician is a politician not affiliated with any political party. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Some politicians have political views that do not align with the platforms of any political party, and therefore choose not to affiliate with them.

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  3. Independent voter - Wikipedia

    Nov 09, 2020 · An independent voter, often also called an unaffiliated voter in the United States, is a voter who does not align themselves with a political party.

  4. Third party and independent candidates for the 2020 United ...

    1 day ago · This article lists third-party and independent candidates, also jointly known as minor candidates, associated with the 2020 United States presidential election. "Third party" is a term commonly used in the United States in reference to political parties other than the Democratic and Republican parties.

  5. Femke Merel van Kooten - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Politician · Jurist · Political consultant · Activist In this Dutch name , the family name is Van Kooten , not Kooten . Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen (born 9 November 1983) is a Dutch Independent politician serving as a Member of the House of Representatives since 4 February 2019, when she returned from maternity leave.

    • Dutch
    • Independent (from 2020)
  6. American Independent Party - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not to be confused with Independent voter, Independent politician, The American Independent, Independence Party of America, or United States Independence Party. The American Independent Party (AIP) is a far-right political party in the United States that was established in 1967.

    Presidential nominee
    Home state
    Previous positions
    Rocky De La Fuente (Alliance; Reform)
    Businessman and perennial candidate
    Donald Trump (Republican)
    Businessman Chairman of The Trump Organization (1971–2017) Candidate for President of the United States (2020)
    Tom Hoefling (America's)
    Alan Keyes (America's Independent)
    Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs (1985–1987) Candidate for United States Senator from Maryland (1988; 1992) Candidate for President of the United States (1996; 2000) Candidate for United States Senator from Illinois (2004)
  7. Joe Lieberman - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Joseph Isadore Lieberman (/ ˈ l iː b ər m ən /; born February 24, 1942) is an American politician, lobbyist and attorney who served as a United States Senator from Connecticut from 1989 to 2013.

  8. John B. Anderson - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · John Bayard Anderson (February 15, 1922 – December 3, 2017) was an American politician from Illinois.As a member of the Republican Party, he served in the United States House of Representatives, representing Illinois's 16th congressional district from 1961 to 1981.

  9. Change UK - Wikipedia

    Nov 06, 2020 · The Independent Group for Change, also known as Change UK, was a centrist, pro-European Union political party, founded in February 2019 and dissolved ten months later, shortly after all its MPs lost their seats in the 2019 general election.

  10. Nov 16, 2020 · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bernard " Bernie " Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician. He is the Junior United States senator from Vermont. He is an Independent, but often votes with the Democratic Party in the Senate.

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