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  1. Dec 07, 2016 · Unfortunately, there’s no way to use XOWA on an iOS device, but for the vast majority of folks out there looking to download Wikipedia for offline use, this is the most pain-free way to go about it.

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    A few FREE applications and software programs have been listed below, along with brief descriptions for your convenience. 1. 1WikiTaxi. This software will extract the Wikipedia database files (.bz2) right before converting them to a ".taxi" format. You can now easily read these pages right off WikiTaxi like you'd read paperback books on the bus ride to work!Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help 2. 2Kiwix. This software has been made available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. All you have to do is install the application, and download Wikipedia editions which are packed as ".zim" files that will open without any glitches or conversions required through Kiwix. Note that the latest packages in ".zim" format can be downloaded from or you can download torrent files, instead of Kiwix. This app will allow you to read Wikipedia when you're offline. Kiwix is used in Mozilla. It is designed specifically for Wikipedia but it is also allowed for Wikimedia. Kiwix for Wikipedi...

    Of course, if you are willing to spend a little, here are some other applications that are undoubtedly worth it! 1. 1All of Wikipedia - this software is available for all iOS devices. It has more features and will alert you whenever new Wikipedia database dumps are available to download in a fast and easy way! Last checked cost: $9.99. All of Wikipedia is an app where you can download the largest encyclopedia Wikipedia. You can access this app in iOS devices. Your download of Wikipedia will take 3 to 4 hours, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help 2. 2WikiPock - This particular software is no less efficient than the others. It has been made available for all kinds of platforms, including Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian devices. An added bonus is they will ship you a pre-loaded memory card with Wikipedia on it if you find you don't have enough space for it on your device. Last checked cost: $9.99. WikiPock brin...

    1Wiki Offline. You can change the theme and fonts of the app. This is a Mac application. It allows image galleries and full-screen reading. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
    2WikiDroyd. This turns Wikipedia articles into audio book through the use of a text-to-speech plugin. It supports up to over 40 languages. Images are not supported with this Android app. Was this s...
    3WikiReader contains 3 million Wikipedia articles. Here you can convert Wikipedia into PDF book. This is not an app but a device. A 3.5 " monochrome device. You get updates through SD cards or conn...
    4Lexium. This provides you a summary of the article content instead of the full Wikipedia content. You can print it by entering the code in the box. You can use it in various languages. Was this st...
  3. Apr 23, 2013 · Kiwix is an offline reader that allows you to download the entire Wikipedia library (over 9 gigabytes) as seen in January 2012. Since that's a lot of content, there are no photos included. Since that's a lot of content, there are no photos included.

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  4. Nov 26, 2019 · XOWA does have an ‘offline’ option, which allows you to download and/or open a ‘dump file’ from Wikipedia itself, but do note this takes a bit more technological know-how, so be sure you ...

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    Whywould anyone want to download Wikipedia? After all, the site is only a few clicks away and one of the best things about Wikipedia is that it’s updated quickly. An offline copy would become out of date pretty quickly. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Even the best internet connections are not 100% reliable. There are also plenty of people who live in parts of the world without internet access or who can’t afford it. So, for example, a teacher at a school may want to download Wikipedia and distribute it to their students. You may also want to download Wikipedia periodically for archival purposes or to browse when in airplane mode or on trips away from mobile internet. There are various ways to actually liberate Wikipedia from its servers and we’ll go over them one by one.

    This is the most straightforward way to get an offline copy of Wikipedia. Wikipedia itself maintainscompressed dumpsof its entire database on a monthly basis. At the time of writing the download is about 16GB in its compressed format. Uncompressed it’s closer to 60GB. That’s still very small compared to a decent flash drive or the average computer hard drive. There are two parts to using the standard Wikipedia dump files in order to have your own copy at hand. First, you need a piece of software to read the special format in which a Wiki is stored. Two of the best examples are XOWA and WikiTaxi. Xowa is probably the most popular option and it’s pretty easy to use as well. Just download and run the program. Then use the menu option to import the Wiki you want, which includes English Wikipedia. Xowa also offers an Android appwhich is even easier to use. WikiTaxiis also a good choice, but you need to download the XML file from the Wikipedia dump site. It’s also important to note that W...

    Like Xowa or WikiTaxi, Kiwix is an application that offers a way to read those Wikipedia downloads and render them the way a web browser would. The big difference is that Kiwix has done quite a bit of the work for you already. Kiwix has converted the offline files into their own special format and kept them updated. You can download these files manually from the site or use the various apps to download them directly. There is a desktop app version of Kiwix, but it’s still very much a beta application. Luckily the tablet and smartphone apps work pretty well. There’s also the browser extensions. You might want to consider putting the content files on an SD card if your phone or tablet has limited internal storage. The full-fat Wikipedia downloadZIM file on Kiwix’s site weighs in at a hefty 78GB, but there is a version that removes all the pictures, reducing the 5 million+ articles to “only” 36GB in size. Kiwix isn’t limited to Wikipedia either. You can download offline versions of var...

    The Wikipedia apphas a built-in feature that allows you to save and sync articles that you are interested in. This isn’t the same as downloading a complete backup of course, but it’s still pretty useful. While you have an internet connection, all you have to do is bookmark the articles you’re interested in. They will be saved to local storage and you can read them at your convenience. So, for example, you can bookmark all the articles you need while using school WiFi and then save on mobile data when browsing them again later.

    Wikipedia is far too large to fit on a DVD, but there are versions of Wikipedia out there specifically designed to fit onto a set of discs. For example, Wikipedia 0.5offers a subset of selected Wikipedia articles from the English version of the site, so that the most popular and important articles are available offline. That’s still a pretty powerful resource to gift to students and others who need offline access to information.

    Wikipedia is an important project and this author donatesto it often. However, all the goodwill and work that has gone into the creation of possibly humanity’s most altruistic project means nothing when you don’t have an internet connection to access it. In fact, about half of the world still lacks internet access right now, which means it’s still very important to make resources available that don’t need an internet connection. Among those, Wikipedia must surely rank as one of the most important.

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