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  1. A brief history of Vaporwave | A.Side

    Jul 10, 2017 · Vaporwave, the vaguely named electronic subgenre, first hit the mainstream (and I say that loosely) in the early 2010s. Pioneered by artists like Ramona Xavier (of Vektroid and Macintosh Plus, among other pseudeonyms), the genre takes heavy influence from 80s Italian disco and chillwave, and relies heavily on its aesthetic to send the message across.

  2. What is Vaporwave - Eveything About Genre and History ...

    In Chillwave and Synthwave we see these taken to the extreme in artists like Kavinsky, Com Truise, and Neon Indian. what we see in Vaporwave are the remnants of these stylistic cues taken from these genres, taking on the purplish and blue hues of the predecessors and degrading them, utilizing traditionally '80s aesthetics and turning them on their head, inverting their meaning in the process.

  3. From Microsound to Vaporwave: Internet-Mediated Musics ...

    The five genres are microsound, hauntology, hypnagogic pop, chillwave, and vaporwave. Analysing the internet-based practices associated with these genres poses methodological and theoretical challenges. It requires new research tools attentive to the online practices involved in their creation and reception.

  4. The Aesthetics of Vaporwave | All Ages of Geek

    Vaporwave co-exists with its parent genre Chillwave, and now with the rise of Synthwave. It seems like the music of the mainstream will be driven by money and commercialization, while Vaporwave, a music of and from the internet, will be known for three things: pretty cool clothing, really cool creativity, and, the most important one: A E S T H ...

  5. Introduction To: Vaporwave - Impact Magazine

    Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronica. It was derived from Chillwave in the early 2010s and developed by making the most of ‘80’s and ‘90’s “mood music” samples: largely unappreciated styles such as lounge music, and muzak, which Vaporwave artists chop and screw into glitchy works of art.

  6. anothercountyheard: The 'Broporwave' Tract: A Vaporwave Polemic

    Jul 07, 2013 · Vaporwave is definitely chillwave 2.0, breathing new life into the beast. That's a good thing. But it's also a refinement of chillwave, bringing it back to an underground level, purging some of the creeping, diluting influence of EDM and 'serious' electronic music. The second section talks about copycatting and lazy chillwave imitation.

  7. So I Just Found Out About Vaporwave... | Lipstick Alley

    Vaporwave is a musical genre that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, witch house, andchillwave.Although there is much diversity and ambiguity in its attitude and message, vaporwave sometimes serves as both a critique and a parody of consumerist society, '80s yuppie culture,[SUP] [/SUP] and new-age music, while sonically and aesthetically showcasing a curious ...

  8. Catching Up With Vaporwave Pioneer George Clanton. | Central ...

    Not to insinuate that your old material was a burden, but chillwave and vaporwave can be restrictive genres. ... But at the same time, I want to keep the lyrics vague ...

  9. What Happened to Vaporwave? - Esquire

    Aug 18, 2016 · Writing about vaporwave in 2016 is almost impossible. Neophytes often seem baffled by the genre, assuming they've heard of it at all. Meanwhile, fans insist that vaporwave is dead.

  10. What is Vaporwave fashion, and why did we decide to feature it?

    Vaporwave fashion is a unique kind of clothing. Its the kind of clothing that makes people stop and stare for a while. Its like a glare into nostalgia, whether you've "experienced" it, or not; chances are, it'll hit you the same way as it hits everyone else. Vaporwave in itself is like a blast into the 1980s, or early