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  1. In 1807, after Napoleon Bonaparte established the Duchy of Warsaw, Józef Poniatowski was appointed the minister of war. He commanded a 16,000-strong army during the Austro-Polish War (April to October 1809) and achieved tactical success over a larger and more experienced Austrian force in the Battle of Raszyn.

  2. Józef Antoni Poniatowski, (born May 7, 1763, Vienna—died Oct. 19, 1813, Leipzig), Polish patriot and military hero, who became a marshal of France. Initially an officer in the Austrian army, Poniatowski was transferred to the Polish army in 1789 at the request of his uncle, King Stanisław II August Poniatowski of Poland.

  3. Born in 1763 in Vienna, Józef Poniatowski was the son of a Polish nobleman who had served as an artillery officer in the Austrian army and had been made Austrian ambassador to Poland. After the death of his father, Józef followed in his father's footsteps by enrolling in the Austrian army in 1780 with the rank of second-lieutenant.

  4. ­Polish Prince Joseph Poniatowski, a great hero of Napoleonic legend, ultimately was a man without a country. Born on May 7, 1762, the prince at first enjoyed the luxurious life of a nobleman because of his ties to the ruling family of Poland. (His uncle, Stanislaus Poniatowski, ruled Poland as King Stanislaus II.)

  5. Napoleon Bonaparte i książę Józef Poniatowski pod Smoleńskiem 17 sierpnia 1812 – mal. Jean-Charles Langlois, Wersal W kwietniu 1811 Poniatowski udał się na cztery miesiące do Paryża – oficjalnym powodem były uroczystości chrztu syna Napoleona. Ks.

  6. Józef Poniatowski, nephew of the last king of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski, was born on 7 May 1763 in Vienna. There he spent the first twenty-five years of his life, until his uncle called for him to come to Poland. He became a general in the Polish army: he fought for the cause of the Constitution of 3 May and in the Kosciuszko Uprising.

  7. Marshal Józef Antoni Poniatowski. Polish prince who became a Marshal of France but died a few days later at Leipzig. By Nathan D. Jensen. Born: May 7, 1763. Place of Birth: Warsaw, Poland. Died: October 19, 1813. Cause of Death: Killed in action. Place of Death: Leipzig, Germany.

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