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  1. John III Sobieski (Polish: Jan III Sobieski; Lithuanian: Jonas III Sobieskis; Latin: Ioannes III Sobiscius; 17 August 1629 – 17 June 1696) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1674 until his death in 1696. Born into Polish nobility, Sobieski was educated at the Jagiellonian University and toured Europe in his youth.

  2. Oct 03, 2007 · Johano la 3-a Sobieski; Usage on Juan III Sobieski; Batalla de Chocim (1673) Usage on Poola-Türgi sõda (1672–1676) Rzeczpospolita ajalugu (1648–1764) Usage on Utilisateur:Skiff/A illustrer; Usage on Xoán III Sobieski; Usage on Bitka kod Hotina (1673.)

  3. Jan III Sobieski is a Polish brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by British American Tobacco. [1] [2] The brand is named after the 17th-century Polish King Jan III Sobieski . [3] [4]

  4. Giovanni III di Polonia, in polacco Jan Sobieski (Olesko, 17 agosto 1629 – Wilanów, 17 giugno 1696), fu re di Polonia, a capo della Confederazione Polacco-Lituana dal 1674 al 1696 e fu soprannominato dai Turchi Leone di Lehistan

  5. Charles was the son of the Old Pretender, James Francis Edward Stuart (himself son of the exiled Stuart King James II and VII), and Maria Clementina Sobieska, a Polish noblewoman (the granddaughter of John III Sobieski). Charles Edward's grandfather, James II of England and Ireland and VII of Scotland, ruled the kingdoms from 1685 to 1688.

  6. John_III_Sobieski_in_battle_of_Khotyn_1673.PNG ‎ (500 × 582 пкс, размер файла: 767 Кб, MIME-тип: image/png) Этот файл находится на Викискладе. Сведения о нём показаны ниже.

  7. Henry III's reign as King of France, like those of his elder brothers Francis and Charles, would see France in constant turmoil over religion. Henry continued to take an active role in the Wars of Religion, and in 1572/1573 led the siege of La Rochelle , a massive military assault on the Huguenot-held city. [24]

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