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  1. Judas Iscariot (between 1886 and 1894) by James Tissot. The name "Judas" ( Ὶούδας) is a Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Judah ( יהודה, Yehûdâh, Hebrew for "God is thanked"), which was an extremely common name for Jewish men during the first century AD, due to the renowned hero Judas Maccabeus.

  2. Jan 5, 2023 · Judas Iscariot, (died c. ad 30), one of the Twelve Apostles, notorious for betraying Jesus. Judas’ surname is more probably a corruption of the Latin sicarius (“murderer” or “assassin”) than an indication of family origin, suggesting that he would have belonged to the Sicarii, the most radical Jewish group, some of whom were terrorists. Other than his apostleship, his betrayal, and his death, little else is revealed about Judas in the Gospels.

  3. Jun 21, 2019 · Judas’s name is the Greek version of the Hebrew “Judah” which roughly means “Praise” or “Let God Be Praised.”. However, the origin of “Iscariot” is not as clear. It is widely held that the Greek iskariotes comes from Hebrew ishq'riyoth, meaning “man of Kerioth,” a city in Palestine. Thus, in this case a name like Judas Iscariot would be similar to calling someone “Bob from Los Angeles” or “Jenny the Bostonian.”.

  4. Mar 15, 2019 · Who Was Judas Iscariot? What We Know from the Bible Though the Bible offers few details about Judas’s background, all four canonical gospels of the New Testament name him among Jesus’s 12...

  5. Mar 3, 2022 · Judas Iscariot is typically remembered for one thing: his betrayal of Jesus. He was one of the twelve disciples who lived with and followed Jesus for three years. He witnessed Jesus’ ministry, His teaching, and His many miracles. He was the treasurer for the group and used this trusted position to steal from their resources ( John 12:6 ).

  6. Apr 2, 2021 · Judas Iscariot was one of the original disciples of Jesus of Nazareth (d. c. 30 CE), one of the twelve apostles. For handing Jesus over to the authorities, as described in the gospels, he has become the epitome of the act of betrayal in the Christian tradition, eternally beyond forgiveness.

  7. The life of Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus, is mentioned twenty-two times in the King James Bible. Who was he? What did Christ have to say about his character? Did he repent of betraying the Savior of mankind just like Peter had a change of heart after he denied the Lord three times? How did Judas die?

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