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  1. 神奈川県 - Wikipedia › wiki › 神奈川県

    5 days ago · 神奈川県(かながわけん、英: Kanagawa Prefecture )は、日本の関東地方に位置する県。 県庁所在地は横浜市。. 首都圏の一角を成し、都道府県別の人口は隣接する東京都に次ぐ第2位 、昼間人口及び人口密度は東京都、大阪府に次ぐ第3位である。

    • 14000-7
    • 日本
  2. Ayase, Kanagawa - Wikipedia › wiki › 綾瀬市

    Location of Ayase in Kanagawa Prefecture Ayase Coordinates: 35°26′N 139°26′E  /  35.433°N 139.433°E  / 35.433; 139.433 Coordinates : 35°26′N 139°26′E  /  35.433°N 139.433°E  / 35.

  3. List of districts of the House of Representatives of Japan › wiki › List_of_Districts_of_the

    Jul 12, 2021 · Kanagawa Prefecture District 1 - Consists of the wards of Naka-ku, Isogo-ku, and Kanazawa-ku in Yokohama city. District 2 - Consists of the wards of Kōnan-ku, Minami-ku, and Nishi-ku in Yokohama city. District 3 - Consists of the wards of Kanagawa-ku and Tsurumi-ku in Yokohama city.

  4. Nissan Stadium (Yokohama) - Wikipedia › wiki › Nissan_Stadium_(Yokohama)

    3 days ago · Nissan Stadium (日産スタジアム, Nissan Sutajiamu), also known as International Stadium Yokohama (横浜国際総合競技場, Yokohama Kokusai Sōgō Kyōgi-jō), is a sports venue in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, which opened in March 1998. It is the home stadium of Yokohama F. Marinos of the J1 League . International Stadium ...

    • 72,327
    • ¥60.3 billion
  5. Yamanashi Prefecture - Wikipedia › wiki › Yamanasi_prefecture

    Yamanashi Prefecture borders Saitama Prefecture to the northeast, Nagano Prefecture to the northwest, Shizuoka Prefecture to the southwest, Kanagawa Prefecture to the southeast, and Tokyo to the east. Kōfu is the capital and largest city of Yamanashi Prefecture, with other major cities including Kai, Minamiarupusu, and Fuefuki.

    • 山梨県
    • Honshu
  6. Mutsuura Station - Wikipedia › wiki › Mutsuura_Station

    Jul 17, 2021 · Mutsuura Station opened on February 15, 1943 as a station on the Tokyu Shōnan Line, the predecessor to Keikyu. Initially, the station was intended to service the nearby Ikego Munitions Depot, and its use was restricted to personnel of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The station was also located 500 meters closer to Shinzushi than its present position.

  7. Igarashi Yuki (五十嵐 夕紀) - MyDramaList › people › 76259-igarashi-yuki

    Jul 16, 2021 · Igarashi Yuki, born as Kanda Yuki, is a Japanese former singer and talent from Yokohoma, Kanagawa prefecture. In 1987 she retired from the entertainment industry, at the age of 27. (Source: Wikipedia)

  8. COVID-19 dataset in Japan | Kaggle › lisphilar › covid19-dataset-in-japan
    • Context
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    This is a COVID-19 dataset in Japan. This does not include the cases in Diamond Princess cruise ship (Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture) and Costa Atlantica cruise ship (Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture). 1. Total number of cases in Japan 2. The number of vaccinated people (New/experimental) 3. The number of cases at prefecture level 4. Metadata of each prefecture Note: Lisphilar (author) uploads the same files to This dataset can be retrieved with CovsirPhy (Python library). Please refer to CovsirPhy Documentation: Japan-specific dataset. Note: Before analysing the data, please refer to Kaggle notebook: EDA of Japan dataset and COVID-19: Government/JHU data in Japan. The detailed explanation of the build process is discussed in Steps to build the dataset in Japan. If you find errors or have any questions, feel free to create a discussion topic.

    To create this dataset, edited and transformed data of the following sites was used. 厚生労働省 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan: 厚生労働省 HP (in Japanese) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP (in English) 厚生労働省 HP 利用規約・リンク・著作権等 CC BY 4.0 (in Japanese) 国土交通省 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan: 国土交通省 HP (in Japanese) 国土交通省 HP (in English) 国土交通省 HP 利用規約・リンク・著作権等 CC BY 4.0 (in Japanese) Code for Japan / COVID-19 Japan: Code for Japan COVID-19 Japan Dashboard (CC BY 4.0) COVID-19 Japan 都道府県別 感染症病床数 (CC BY) Wikipedia: Wikipedia LinkData: LinkData (Public Domain)

    Changes in number of cases over time
    Percentage of patients without symptoms / mild or severe symptoms
    What to do next to prevent outbreak

    Kindly cite this dataset under CC BY-4.0 license as follows. 1. Hirokazu Takaya (2020-2021), COVID-19 dataset in Japan, GitHub repository,, or 2. Hirokazu Takaya (2020-2021), COVID-19 dataset in Japan, Kaggle Dataset,

  9. Found Deceased - Japan - Alice Hodgkinson, 28, British ... › forums › threads

    Jul 01, 2021 · A 28-year-old British woman living in Kanagawa Prefecture has gone missing, persons close to her have revealed. According to an information sheet distributed on social media, Alice Hodgkinson has been missing since July 1. With blonde hair, Hodgkinson stands 168 centimeters tall. She works at Shane English School in Tokyo.

  10. List of companies with minor representation - SmashWiki, the ... › List_of_companies_with_minor

    Jul 14, 2021 · 1-Up Studio Inc., formerly known as Brownie Brown Inc., is a Japanese video game developer.Having assisted with the creation of games such as Mother 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, the Super Mario 3D games and their spin-off, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, as well as creating new IPs including Magical Starsign and A Kappa's Trail, the company became a subsidiary of Nintendo.

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