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      negative. A word or phrase stating that something is not the...

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      Usage. This section gives you lots of advice, helping you to...

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      Lexico helps you find the right word to express precisely...

    • Are There Any English Words With No V

      brrr: An exclamation used to express someone’s reaction to...

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      UK English definition of MA along with additional meanings,...

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      second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior,...

  2. This section of Lexico offers some straightforward advice on the trickier parts of English grammar. Having trouble with spelling? This section contains lots of quick-reference spelling tips and other useful guidelines. And then there's always those pesky punctuation questions ... which we help address in Lexico's punctuation section.

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    Lexico is an online dictionary website that provides a collection of English and Spanish dictionaries produced by Oxford University Press (OUP), the publishing house of the University of Oxford. While the dictionary content on Lexico comes from OUP, this website is operated by , whose eponymous website hosts dictionaries by other ...

  4. Dec 28, 2015 · Lexico. Hunter Trawick Education. Everyone. 21. Add to Wishlist. Whether it be studying entire vocabulary or referencing to specific words, Lexico is the app to be in your pocket. Enter an entire sentence for a definition on each word and Phrase Search those definitions. Don't understand a word in the definition?

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  5. 2. adj. Ling. Que expresa contenidos o conceptos propios del léxico, por oposición a los característicos de la gramática. 3. m. Diccionario de una lengua. 4. m. Vocabulario, conjunto de las palabras de un idioma, o de las que pertenecen al uso de una región, a una actividad determinada, a un campo semántico dado, etc. 5.

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