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    Masaru Ibuka. As co-founder and longtime president of the Sony Corporation, Japanese executive Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997) conceived of and brought to fruition several of the most popular and fundamentally influential consumer electronics innovations of the twentieth century.

  2. Obituary: Masaru Ibuka | The Independent

    Masaru Ibuka, the co- founder of one of post-war Japan's industrial giants, was no animal. He was the blessed exception, a human genius of a kind that is becoming increasingly rare. He belonged to ...

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    Ibuka Masaru jiyū kattatsu ni shite yukai naru Nov 1, 2012 by 2012. editor: Tōkyō : Nihon Keizai Shinbun Shuppansha Paperback Bunko

  4. Masaru Ibuka (1908-97) | Nature

    In Japan, two such engineers and entrepreneurs were the co-founders of SONY, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. Ibuka died on 19 December 1997, almost 50 years to the day after that announcement from ...

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    (1908–97). Japanese businessman Ibuka Masaru was the cofounder and leading engineer of Sony Corporation.His development of the tape recorder, transistor radio, and many other products put Sony at the forefront of technological innovation and made Sony the world’s most successful and recognized electronics company.

  6. Masaru Ibuka : definition of Masaru Ibuka and synonyms of ... Ibuka/en-en

    Masaru Ibuka (井深 大 Ibuka Masaru, April 11, 1908, Nikkō City, Japan – December 19, 1997, Tokyo) was a Japanese electronics industrialist. He co-founded what is now Sony. [1] He graduated in 1933 from Waseda University. After graduating, he went to work at Photo-Chemical Laboratory, a company which processed movie film.

  7. IEEE - IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award

    The IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1987. The Award is named in honor of Dr. Masaru Ibuka, Honorary Chairman and Co-Founder of Sony Corporation, whose innovative achievements and leadership in state of the art and have been an inspiration to several generations of electrical, electronics, and computer engineers.

  8. Vol.19 : Masaru Ibuka's Aspirations for the Next Generation ...

    As Sony founder Masaru Ibuka stated in the Founding Prospectus of Sony's predecessor, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, one of the purposes of incorporation was "to promote the education of science among the general public."

  9. After three it's too late: the Masaru Ibuki system

    Masaru Ibuka argued that the development of brain cells by three years is completed by 70-80%, so you need to "forge the iron while it's hot" andto develop the child while his brain is still being formed. That is why the maximum efforts to educate a child must be applied, until he is three years old.

  10. IEEE - IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award

    IEEE membership offers access to technical innovation, cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. Members support IEEE's mission to advance technology for humanity and the profession, while memberships build a platform to introduce careers in technology to students around the world.

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