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  1. Masaru Ibuka (井深 大 Ibuka Masaru; 11 April 1908 – 19 December 1997) was a Japanese electronics industrialist and co-founder of Sony.

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    Masaru Ibuka (井深 大 Ibuka Masaru; 11 April 1908 – 19 December 1997) was a Japanese electronics industrialist and co-founder of Sony.

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    Masaru Ibuka, Japanese businessman (born April 11, 1908, Nikko, Japan—died Dec. 19, 1997, Tokyo), was the cofounder and leading engineer of the Sony Corp.

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    Masaru Ibuka (井深 大 Ibuka Masaru, April 11, 1908, Nikkō City, Japan – December 19, 1997, Tokyo) was a Japanese electronics industrialist and co-founder of Sony. Ibuka graduated in 1933 from Waseda University. After graduating, he went to work at Photo-Chemical Laboratory, a company which processed movie film.

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  5. Feb 04, 2016 · Masaru Ibuka was born in the city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, on April 11, 1908. He was a very inquisitive child who was fond of experimenting. One of the earliest short-wave hams in Japan; his calls have been logged in overseas records back in the days of 1926.

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    Masaru Ibuka As co-founder and longtime president of the Sony Corporation, Japanese executive Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997) conceived of and brought to fruition several of the most popular and fundamentally influential consumer electronics innovations of the twentieth century.

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    Masaru Ibuka, the co- founder of one of post-war Japan's industrial giants, was no animal. He was the blessed exception, a human genius of a kind that is becoming increasingly rare. He belonged to...

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    Masaru Ibuka was born in April 1908 AD in Nikko City, and grew into an inquisitive child fond of experimenting with electricity. He became one of the first ham radio operators in Japan, with his call-signs logged as early as 1926.

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    Masaru Ibuka could well be the person who turned Japan's electronics industry into what it is today. He was co-founder of a tiny recording company that grew into the giant Sony Corporation.

  10. Masaru Ibuka, born in 1908 in Nikko City of Japan, graduated as an engineer from the Waseda University's School of Science and Engineering. The young engineer upon successfully completing his graduation joined Photo-Chemical Laboratory, where he was exposed to processing of motion picture films.

  11. Sony Global - Press Release - Masaru Ibuka 1908-1997

    Jan 06, 1998 · "Masaru Ibuka was a person of an entirely different dimension. In the middle of the desolation of post-war Japan, he set out a grand aim in the founding prospectus of the company, and then made unending efforts to create a company that could realize this fine goal.