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  1. Grand Duke of Vladimir - Wikipedia

    The Grand Duke of Vladimir was a prince during the Kievan Rus' and after its collapse. He ruled territory approximately bounded by the Volga, Oka and Northern Dvina rivers. Its capital was Vladimir during 1157-1238.

  2. After his presidency, Reagan visited the NYSE again in 1992 with Mikhail Gorbachev to mark the exchange’s bicentennial. Shortly after Reagan’s death on June 5, 2004, the New York Stock ...

  3. Simeon Olelkovich - Wikipedia

    His daughter was married to Mikhail III of Tver, the last Prince of Tver. After the death of Simon Olelkovich, the Principality of Kiev was transformed into the Kiev Voivodeship. See also. List of Ukrainian rulers; References

  4. Coins of Russia

    $ y202 1 Rouble (1986) Mikhail Lomonosov $ y203 1 Rouble (1987) ... Zubtsov and Tver Region Image from Jeff S. For Sale $2.75 new 10 Roubles (2017) Olonets, ...

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