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    Jul 17, 2021 · in Europe (green and dark grey) Location of the Faroe Islands (red; circled) in the Kingdom of Denmark (beige) Sovereign state Denmark Unified with Norway c. 1035 Cession to Denmark 14 January 1814 Home rule 1 April 1948 Further autonomy 29 July 2005 Capital and largest city Tórshavn 62°00′N 06°47′W  /  62.000°N 6.783°W  / 62.000; -6.783 Official languages Faroese Danish [a ...

    • 1 April 1948
    • Denmark
    • c. 1035
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    6 days ago · Olaf had already been elected to the throne of Denmark on 3 May 1376. Thus, upon Olaf's accession to the throne of Norway, Denmark and Norway entered personal union. Olaf's mother and Haakon's widow, Queen Margaret, managed the foreign affairs of Denmark and Norway during the minority of Olaf IV.

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  4. King Olav Haraldsson (c.1050 - 1093) - Genealogy › people › Olav-III-king-of-Norway
    • Olav Haraldsson, III
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    Olaf III (Old Norse: Óláfr Haraldsson, Norwegian: Olav Haraldsson; c. 1050 – 22 September 1093), known as Olaf Kyrre (Old Norse: kyrri, English: Peaceful), was king of Norway from 1067 until his death 1. Son of Harald III "Hard ruler", king of Norway and Tora Giske 2. BIRTH: 1050 in Norway 3. Reign: 1067 – 22 September 1093 4. DEATH: 23 Sep 1093, Hakeby, Tanum, Bohuslän, Sverige 5. BURIAL: Nidaros Cathedral, Norway

    Married: ([1070]) INGERID Svendsdatter,illegitimate daughter of SVEND II Estridsen King of Denmark & his mistress. Morkinskinna records the betrothal of “King Óláfr” and “King Sveinn…his daughter I...

    Mistress (1):THORA,daughter of [JOHAN or ARNI Lagi] & his wife. Snorre names "Thora, Joan's daughter" as mother of King Olav's son Magnus. Morkinskinna names “Thóra, the daughter of Árni lági” as t...
    The Orkneyinga Saga is largely silent regarding Rognvald's personal life and there is no mention of a marriage or children. However, Anders Stølen has argued that Magnus Barelegs's mother, whose id...

    Olaf was a son of King Harald Hardrada and Tora Torbergsdatter. Olaf joined his father during the invasion of England during 1066. However, he was only 16 years old during the Battle of Stamford Bridge in September 1066. He stayed on a ship and did not participate in the fighting. After the Norwegian defeat, he sailed with the remains of the Norwegian strike force back to Orkney, where they wintered. The return journey to Norway took place in summer 1067. After the death of his father, Olaf shared the kingdom with his brother Magnus II (Magnus 2 Haraldsson) who had become king the previous year. When King Magnus died during 1069, Olaf became the sole ruler of Norway. During his reign, the nation of Norway experienced a rare extended period of peace. He renounced any offensive foreign policy, rather he protected Norway as a kingdom through agreements and marriage connections. Domestically he laid emphasis on the church's organization and modernizing the kingdom. The latter resulted i...

    Claus Krag Olav 3 Haraldsson Kyrre (Norsk biografisk leksikon)
    "History of Bergen". The 27th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association. Retrieved 20 May 2016.
    Per G. Norseng Olav 3 (Haraldsson) Kyrre (Store norske leksikon)
    "Olav 3. Kyrre". Den Store Danske. Retrieved 20 May 2016.
    • circa 1050
    • Harald Sævold
    • Norway
    • Trondheim, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
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    5 days ago · Olaf II (known as Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae) Magnus of Orkney Pakistan: Francis Xavier State of Palestine: The Virgin Mary (as Our Lady, Queen of Palestine) George Papua New Guinea: The Archangel Michael Paraguay: The Virgin Mary (as Our Lady of Caacupé) Martin of Tours Peru: Rose of Lima Turibius of Mogroveio Joseph Philippines

  6. Wilhelm II, German Emperor - Wikipedia › wiki › Wilhelm_II,_German_Emperor

    3 days ago · German Emperor Wilhelm II Portrait by T. H. Voigt, 1902 German Emperor King of Prussia Reign 15 June 1888 – 9 November 1918 Predecessor Frederick III Successor Monarchy abolished Chancellors See list Otto von Bismarck Leo von Caprivi Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst Bernhard von Bülow Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg Georg Michaelis Georg von Hertling Maximilian von Baden Born (1859-01 ...

  7. List of honorary British knights and dames - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_honorary_British

    3 days ago · This is an incomplete list of people who have been created honorary Knights or Dames by the British crown, as well as those who have been raised to the two comparable Orders of Chivalry (Order of Merit and Order of the Companions of Honour) and the Royal Victorian Chain, which do not carry pre-nominal styles.

  8. European Train Control System – Wikipedia › wiki › European_Train_Control_System

    3 days ago · Das European Train Control System ( ETCS, deutsch Europäisches Zugbeeinflussungssystem) ist ein Zugbeeinflussungssystem und grundlegender Bestandteil des zukünftigen einheitlichen europäischen Eisenbahnverkehrsleitsystems ERTMS. ETCS soll langfristig die über 20 verschiedenen Zugbeeinflussungssysteme in Europa ablösen.

  9. DR - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi › wiki › Statsradiofonien

    Jul 17, 2021 · Senere kom FM-radio til med stereoudsendelser i 1960'erne. I 1990'erne begyndte DR at sende radio via DAB og senere kom netradio . TV-Byen i Søborg, der blev taget i brug 1963-70 og fungerede som hovedsæde for DR indtil flytningen til DR Byen i 2006. I begyndelsen af 1950'erne påtog Statsradiofonien sig at udsende billeder og lyd via nye ...

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