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  1. The specifically named ancient peoples of Italy listed here are therefore confined mostly to the Iron Age of Italy, when the first known written evidence, generally from Ancient Roman or Greek sources, ascribed names to these tribes or peoples before such peoples became assimilated into Roman culture through the Roman conquest. In contrast to ...

  2. Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs, officially known as Questions to the Prime Minister, while colloquially known as Prime Minister's Question Time) is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, currently held as a single session every Wednesday at noon when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the prime minister answers questions from members of Parliament (MPs).

  3. Data Retention Policy. A data retention policy is a recognized and proven protocol within an organization for retaining information for operational use while ensuring adherence to the laws and regulations concerning them.

  4. They are elected by and responsible to the Bundestag, Germany's parliament. The other members of the government are the federal ministers; they are chosen by the Chancellor. Germany, like the United Kingdom, can thus be classified as a parliamentary system. The office is currently held by Olaf Scholz (since 2021).

  5. The parliament of Poland is the bicameral legislature of Poland. It is composed of an upper house (the Senate) and a lower house (the Sejm). Both houses are accommodated in the Sejm complex in Warsaw. The Constitution of Poland does not refer to the Parliament as a body, but only to the Sejm and Senate.

  6. 1878 election (4th Parliament) 1882 election (5th Parliament) 1887 election (6th Parliament) 1891 election (7th Parliament) Liberal–Conservative: MP for Victoria, BC (1878–1882) MP for Carleton, ON (1882–1887) MP for Kingston, ON (1887–1891) 3rd: National Policy; Railway to the Pacific; North-West Rebellion; Hanging of Louis Riel. Died ...

  7. The Legislature XIX of Italian Republic (Italian: XIX Legislatura della Repubblica Italiana) is the current legislature of the Italian Parliament, which started on 13 October 2022. [1] [2]

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