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  1. This is the story of the blessed Polycarp, the twelfth martyr in Smyrna, though he has a unique place memory of all people, being remembered even by all the heathen. He was not merely an illustrious teacher, but also a pre-eminent martyr, whose death all desire to imitate, being altogether consistent with the Gospel of Christ.

  2. Mar 29, 2022 · Polycarp was a bishop of the early church, a disciple of the apostle John, a contemporary of Ignatius, and the teacher of Irenaeus. According to Irenaeus, Polycarp “was instructed by the apostles, and was brought into contact with many who had seen Christ.”

  3. Jan 7, 2018 · Polycarp (60-155 CE), also known as Saint Polycarp, was a Christian bishop of Smyrna, the modern city of Izmir in Turkey. He was an Apostolic father, meaning he was a student of one of the original disciples of Christ; and he was known to other important figures in the early Christian church, including Irenaeus, who knew him as a youth, and ...

  4. Polycarp had been a Christian since he was a child, but the Romans didn't get around to killing him until he was in his eighties.

  5. Martyrdom of Polycarp, early Christian letter that describes the death by burning of St. Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna in Asia Minor. It is the oldest authentic account of an early Christian martyr’s death and is included with the writings of the Apostolic Fathers.

  6. Polycarp is a celebrated figure in the history of Christianity. A direct pupil of the apostle John, Polycarp lived between 70 and 155 A.D., connecting him to both the biblical apostles and the age of the early church fathers.

  7. Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna in the first half of the second century, was a key figure in the early church. He is the subject of the earliest extent Christian Martyrdom and the author of a surviving letter or letters to the Christians in Philippi.

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