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  1. Agatha (wife of Edward the Exile) - Wikipedia,_wife_of_Edward_the...

    Nov 27, 2020 · William of Malmesbury in De Gestis Regis Anglorum states that Agatha's sister was a Queen of Hungary (reginae sororem) and is echoed in this by Alberic of Trois-Fontaines, while, less precisely, Ailred says of Margaret that she was derived from English and Hungarian royal blood (de semine regio Anglorum et Hungariorum extitit oriunda).

  2. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Geoffrey V (24 August 1113 O. S. – 7 September 1151 O. S.), called the Handsome, the Fair (French: le Bel) or Plantagenet, was the Count of Anjou, Touraine and Maine by inheritance from 1129, and also Duke of Normandy by conquest from 1144.

  3. List of state visits made by Elizabeth II - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Queen Elizabeth II has undertaken a number of state and official visits since ascending the throne in 1952, as well as trips throughout the Commonwealth, making her the most widely travelled head of state in history. She does not require a British passport for travelling overseas, as all British passports are issued in her name.

  4. Philip I of Castile - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Isabella (1501–1526), queen consort of Denmark, Norway and Sweden Ferdinand I (1503–1564), king of Bohemia and Hungary , emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Mary (1505–1558), queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia, governor of the Spanish Netherlands

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  6. Zsa Zsa Gabor's Shocking Deathbed Confession | Radar Online

    3 days ago · "Zsa Zsa was friends with Prince Philip, the Queen of England’s husband. She always felt guilty about taking the furniture and didn’t like having it in the house," an insider revealed to Radar.

  7. Empress Elisabeth of Austria - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Andrássy was made the first Hungarian prime minister and in return, he saw that Franz Joseph and Elisabeth were officially crowned King and Queen of Hungary in June. [citation needed] As a coronation gift, Hungary presented the royal couple with a country residence in Gödöllő, 32 kilometres (20 mi) east of Buda-Pest.

  8. 10 Most Evil Women In The History - Celebrities - Nigeria

    4 days ago · Mary I, born on 18 February 1516 and diedon 17 November 1558. She was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. Her brutal persecution of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet “Bloody Mary”.

  9. 3 days ago · Amusingly, the debate had been carefully cultivated by William Cecil and the Queen’s advisers in the Privy Council so as to avoid discussion of any topic that could touch upon religion, a topic of much passion at the time, and discomfort to the Privy Council, but a subject difficult to avoid in a philosophical debate about any topics that ...

  10. List of rulers of Austria - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Also Queen of Bohemia and Hungary. Francis I Stephen with Maria Theresa (1740–1765) 8 December 1708 Nancy fourth son of Leopold, Duke of Lorraine and Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans: 1740-1765 Archduchy of Austria: 18 August 1765 Innsbruck aged 56 Also Holy Roman Emperor (1740-1765). Exchanged his original Duchy of Lorraine for the Grand ...

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