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  1. The Romance languages, sometimes referred to as Latin languages or Neo-Latin languages, are the various modern languages that evolved from Vulgar Latin. They are the only extant subgroup of the Italic languages in the Indo-European language family .

  2. Rhaeto-Romance, Rheto-Romance, or Rhaetian, is a purported subfamily of the Romance languages that is spoken in south-eastern Switzerland and north-eastern Italy. The name "Rhaeto-Romance" refers to the former Roman province of Raetia. The question of whether these languages actually form a subfamily is called the Questione Ladina.

  3. The Iberian Romance, Ibero-Romance or sometimes Iberian languages are a group of Romance languages that developed on the Iberian Peninsula, an area consisting primarily of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra and southern France. They are today more commonly separated into West Iberian and Occitano-Romance language groups.

  4. Las lenguas romances (también llamadas lenguas románicas, lenguas latinas o lenguas neolatinas) son una rama indoeuropea de lenguas estrechamente relacionadas entre sí y que históricamente aparecieron como evolución (o equivalentes) del latín vulgar (entendido en su sentido etimológico de habla cotidiana del vulgo o común de la gente) y opuesto al latín clásico (forma estandarizada ...

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    Romance (love), emotional attraction towards another person and the courtship behaviors undertaken to express the feelings; Romance languages, a subgroup of the Italic languages Romance studies, an academic discipline studying the languages, literatures, and cultures of areas that speak a Romance language; Places. Romance, Arkansas, U.S.

  6. The Northern Italian languages are conventionally defined as those Romance languages spoken north of the La Spezia–Rimini Line, which runs through the northern Apennine Mountains just to the north of Tuscany; however, the dialects of Occitan and Franco-Provençal spoken in the extreme northwest of Italy (e.g. the Valdôtain in the Aosta ...

  7. Thrill of a Romance was the seventh top-grossing film of 1945 in the US and Canada, earning $4,338,000. It also earned $2,682,000 in other countries, resulting in a profit of $3,259,000. Home media. On October 6, 2009, Turner Entertainment released Thrill of a Romance on DVD as part of the Esther Williams Spotlight Collection, Volume 2.

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