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  1. Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (Rudolf Franz Karl Josef; 21 August 1858 – 30 January 1889), was the only son and third child of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth of Bavaria. He was heir apparent to the Imperial throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from birth.

  2. Aug 17, 2021 · Archduke Rudolf, crown prince of Austria, German Rudolf, Erzherzog und Kronprinz von Österreich, (born August 21, 1858, Schloss Laxenburg, near Vienna, Austria—died January 30, 1889, Schloss Mayerling, near Vienna), heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose reformist and liberal ideas were stifled by his conservative father and who finally committed suicide.

  3. Template:Infobox royalty Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (Rudolf Franz Karl Joseph; 21 August 1858 – 30 January 1889), was the only son and third child of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth of Bavaria. He was heir apparent to the Imperial throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from birth.

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    In contrast with his deeply conservative father, Crown Prince Rudolf held distinctively liberal views that were closer to those of his mother. Nevertheless his relationship with her was strained and contained little warmth. On May 10, 1881, he married Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, a daughter of King Léopold II, in the Augustinian Church in Vienna with all the pomp and splendour of a state wedding. Rudolf appeared to be genuinely in love, but his mother regarded her new daughter-in-law as a “clumsy oaf.” By the time their only child, the Archduchess Elizabeth, was born on September 2, 1883, the couple had drifted apart, and he found solace in drink and female companionship. In 1887, Rudolf bought Mayerling and adapted it into a hunting lodge. In the autumn of 1888, the 30-year-old crown prince met the 17-year-old Baroness Marie Vetsera, known by the more fashionable Anglophile name Mary. From the start, Mary adored him, and was ready to do anything for him. It was almost certainly n...

    Many people however doubted the truthfulness of the report. Before her death in 1989, Empress Zita, widow of the last Austrian emperor, Karl (r. 1916–1918), repeated the claim that the young couple had been murdered as part of a conspiracy to silence Rudolf after he had refused to take part in a French plot to depose his pro-German conservative father and assume the control as a pro-French liberal Austrian emperor. Empress Zita did not offer any new evidence and her claims, however widely rumoured, were not given much credence during her lifetime. In December 1992 the remains of Baroness Vetsera were stolen from the cemetery at Heiligenkreuz. When the missing remains were tracked down, the police, to ensure they were the correct remains, asked the Viennese Medical Institute to examine them. While they did confirm that they were the correct remains, the institution noted how the skull contained no evidence whatsoever of a bullet hole, the supposed means by which Vetsera had been kill...

    Following the death of the emperor’s only son, the marriage of Franz Josef and Elisabeth collapsed completely, with the empress spending much of her time abroad, particularly in England and Ireland where she loved to hunt. The new heir presumptive to the Austrian, Bohemian and Hungarian thrones was Archduke Karl Ludwig, eldest surviving brother of the emperor. After Karl Ludwig’s death, his oldest son, Archduke Franz Ferdinand became heir presumptive. His assassination in 1914 led a chain of events that produced World War I. Had Rudolf lived, it is possible that Emperor Franz Josef would have abdicated as had his uncle, passing the thrones to an emperor who was much more liberal in outlook and opposed to Austria’s military alliance with Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Germany that played such a part in triggering the First World War. Instead however, the throne ultimately went to Franz Josef’s grand-nephew, Karl, who in 1916 became the last Austrian emperor as Emperor Karl, and who, though he t...

  4. Crown Prince Rudolf Facts. 1. He Was Spoiled Rotten. Rudolf’s birth on August 21, 1858, was a long-awaited and tense occasion. His mother, the feisty Empress Elisabeth of Austria, had only had girls before him, and his father Emperor Franz Joseph was anxious for a boy who could become the heir. Ecstatic to discover he now had a son, Franz ...

  5. Sep 16, 2021 · Crown Prince Rudolf (1858-1889) was the only son of the Emperor Franz Joseph and the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and the Crown Prince of the empire. Rudolf benefitted from an extensive education and traveled extensively across the globe. But the prince was found dead alongside his mistress, Baroness Marie Vetsera, in 1889 at their Mayerling ...

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