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  1. Attributes: Carrying Jesus’ Cross before His Crucifixion: Simon of Cyrene (Hebrew: שמעון ‎, Standard Hebrew Šimʿon, Tiberian Hebrew Šimʿôn; Greek: Σίμων Κυρηναῖος, Simōn Kyrēnaios; died CE 100 [citation needed]) was the man compelled by the Romans to carry the cross of Jesus of Nazareth as Jesus was taken to his crucifixion, according to all three Synoptic Gospels:

  2. Jeff Goldblum talks ‘zaddy’ status, fatherhood, new music. Jeff Goldblum opens up about being a father later in life, his “zaddy status,” and his new music!

  3. The brothers of Jesus or the adelphoi (Greek: ἀδελφοί, translit. adelphoí, lit. "of the same womb") are named in the New Testament as James, Joses (a form of Joseph), Simon, and Jude, and unnamed sisters are mentioned in Mark and Matthew.

  4. Feb 03, 2003 · As for Jesus' half brothers, James is the anglicized Greek form of the Hebrew Ya'akov, or Jacob, the same name as that of the Hebrew patriarch who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. Joses is another form of Joseph. Simon's Hebrew name was Simeon, the name of another of Jacob's sons and father of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

  5. Simon meets Jesus through the help of his brother Andrew who was a follower of John the Baptist. – John 1:40-41. While Peter and Andrew are fishing at the Sea of Galilee, Jesus sees them and asks them to follow Him. – Matthew 4:18, Mark 1:16-18. Jesus visits Peter’s house and cure Peter’s sick mother-in-law.

  6. Mar 03, 2022 · Some argue that James the brother of Jesus and Jesus’ disciple James, son of Alphaeus might be the same person. To explain the disparity in fathers’ names, these scholars suggest that James is a cousin or stepbrother of Jesus. While possible, it seems unlikely, as Jesus’ brothers did not believe He was the Messiah. Their mockery of Jesus ...

  7. The Hour of Jesus: The Passion and the Resurrection of Jesus According to John. Saint Pauls/Alba House. ISBN 978-0-8189-0575-9. Durant, Will (1972). Caesar and Christ: A History of Roman Civilization and of Christianity from Their Beginnings to A.D. 325. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 978-0-671-11500-5.

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