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  1. The Catholic Encyclopedia suggests that Simon the Zealot may be the same person as Simeon of Jerusalem or Simon the brother of Jesus or both. He would then be the cousin of Jesus or a son of Joseph from a previous marriage. [9]

  2. Aug 07, 2019 · As an apostle of Jesus Christ, Simon the Zealot would have been sent somewhere to spread the gospel, just as the other apostles were. The word we translate as apostle ( apóstolos) literally means “one who is sent.” The Golden Legend records that Simon preached in Egypt, then partnered with Judas, the brother of Jesus:

  3. Jan 04, 2022 · Simon the Zealot was one of Jesus’ disciples. Generally speaking, a zealot is anyone who fervently supports a particular cause. PETA, Greenpeace, and NOW might all be considered organizations that are filled with zealots. In the context of the New Testament, the Zealots were a party zealous for Jewish independence and throwing off Roman rule.

  4. Apr 08, 2022 · In some versions of the Bible (such as the Amplified Bible), Simon is called Simon the Cananaean, which is from the Aramaic word for zealot. In the King James Version and New King James Version, he is called Simon the Canaanite or Cananite.

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  5. During his three years of ministry with Jesus, Simon the Zealot matured into an apostle empowered to spread the gospel in truth and love to all nations. Although there are various versions of his death, it is likely he served with zeal as a missionary in Persia and eventually died a martyr's death. Return to:

  6. Simon the Zealot is one of the greatest cases of the changing power of Christ. He was a Zealot for much of his life, which meant he was extremely legalistic and held a deep-set hatred towards the Romans and any who had dealings with them. Simon was called by Jesus and was completely changed.

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