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  1. Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Celle (15 September 1666 – 13 November 1726) was the repudiated wife of future King George I of Great Britain.

  2. Sophia Dorothea (born Sept. 13, 1666—died Nov. 23, 1726, Schloss Ahlden, Lower Saxony) was the wife of George Louis, elector of Hanover (George I of Great Britain), who accused her of infidelity and imprisoned her for 32 years.

  3. Oct 3, 2017 · Sophia Dorothea was born in Celle, Germany on September 15, 1666 to George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and his mistress, a Frenchwoman, Éléonore Marie Desmier d’Olbreuse. Éléonore met George William in 1664 and the Duke immediately fell in love with her, cementing her German relocation.

  4. Feb 21, 2023 · Sophia Dorothea of Celle was the wife of the future King George I of England, yet this fairy-tale existence turned to tragedy early on. From a horrific betrayal to a 300-year-old murder mystery that is unsolved to this day, Sophia's life is not one you want to miss.

  5. Oct 30, 2014 · In November 1682, George and Sophia Dorothea were married in Celle Castle. The marriage produced two children; a son, George Augustus, and a daughter, Sophia Dorothea of Hanover. However,...

  6. Sophia Dorothea of Celle was never Queen, but she was the wife of King George I of Great Britain before he became King, the mother of King George II of Great Britain, and the ancestor of the current British Royal Family.

  7. Nov 15, 2023 · King George I's mother, Sophia Dorothea, Electress of Hanover, was the greatest queen Britain never had. She was named Queen Anne's successor in 1701, but a twist of fate in 1714 meant that she didn't reign.

  8. Born on September 5, 1666, at Celle Castle, Germany; died on November 13, 1726, at Castle of Ahlden, Hanover, Germany; interred at Celle Church, Germany; daughter of George William, duke of Celle and Brunswick-Lüneberg, and his morganatic wife Eleanor Desmier (1639–1722); married George Louis of Hanover, later George I (1660–1727), king of ...

  9. May 29, 2018 · Sophia Dorothea (sōfī´ə dŏrəthē´ə), 1666–1726, electress of Hanover, wife of Elector George Louis (later King George I [1] of England); sometimes called Sophia Dorothea of Celle.

  10. Sophia Dorothea of Celle Sophia Dorothea ( September 15 , 1666 - November 23 , 1726 ), only child of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and the Huguenot Eleanore d'Olbreuze (1639-1722), was the estranged wife of George Louis, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (later King George I of Great Britain ), .

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