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  1. 8 hours ago · The main Iranian contributor to Brahui vocabulary, Balochi, is a western Iranian language like Kurdish, and arrived in the area from the west only around 1000 CE. Sound changes shared with Kurukh and Malto also suggest that Brahui was originally spoken near them in central India. Dravidian influence on Sanskrit

    • Malankuravan

      Language links are at the top of the page across from the...

    • Kurumba

      Kurumba (also known as Kuruba in Karnataka and Kuruma in...

  2. › wiki › TehranTehran - Wikipedia

    8 hours ago · However, before, the native language of the Tehran–Ray region was not Persian, which is linguistically Southwest Iranian and originates in Fars, but a now extinct Northwestern Iranian language. Iranian Azeris form the second-largest ethnic group of the city, comprising about 10-15% of the total population, while ethnic Mazanderanis are the ...

    • 900 to 1,830 m (2,952 to 6,003 ft)
    • Iran
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    8 hours ago · Indo-Aryan languages are in green, Iranic languages in dark green, Dravidian languages in purple, and Tibeto-Burman languages in red. There are numerous languages in South Asia. The spoken languages of the region are largely based on geography and shared across religious boundaries, but the written script is sharply divided by religious boundaries.

    • 5,134,641 km² (1,982,496 sq mi)
    • Zone 8 & 9
    • 1.94 billion (2022)
  5. › wiki › Middle_EastMiddle East - Wikipedia

    8 hours ago · The six top languages, in terms of numbers of speakers, are Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew and Greek. Arabic and Hebrew represent the Afro-Asiatic language family. Persian, Kurdish and Greek belong to the Indo-European language family. Turkish belongs to Turkic language family. About 20 minority languages are also spoken in the ...

    • 7,207,575 km² (2,782,860 sq mi)
    • 371 million (2010)
  6. 8 hours ago · A language that uniquely represents the national identity of a state, nation, and/or country and is so designated by a country's government; some are technically minority languages. (On this page a national language is followed by parentheses that identify it as a national language status.) Some countries have more than one language with this ...

  7. 8 hours ago · Classification Yakut is a member of the Northeastern Common Turkic family of languages, which also includes Shor, Tuvan and Dolgan. Like most Turkic languages, Yakut has vowel harmony, is agglutinative and has no grammatical gender. Word order is usually subject–object–verb. Yakut has been influenced by Tungusic and Mongolian languages. Historically, Yakut left the community of Common ...

  8. 8 hours ago · Iran in the 1960s and 70s was a tolerant place for the Jewish minority with one Iranian Jew, David Menasheri, remembering that Mohammad Reza's reign was the "golden age" for Iranian Jews when they were equals, and when the Iranian Jewish community was one of the wealthiest Jewish communities in the world. The Baha'i minority also did well after ...

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