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  1. La Wikipedia en español es la edición en español o castellano de Wikipedia. Al igual que las versiones existentes de Wikipedia en otros idiomas, es una enciclopedia de contenido libre , publicada en Internet bajo las licencias libres CC BY-SA 4.0 y GFDL .

  2. The Spanish Wikipedia (In Spanish: Wikipedia en Español) is a Spanish-language edition of Wikipedia. Started in May 2001, it is the 9th-largest Wikipedia by article count. [1] The Spanish Wikipedia has about 1,946,000 articles.

  3. Spanish spoken in Spain. Spanish (Spanish: español, pronounced "Eh-span-yole", IPA: /espaɲol/), also called Castilian, is a Romance language. It is the most spoken Romance language in the world. As of December 2021, over 489 million people in the world spoke Spanish as their first language.

  4. The language known today as Spanish is derived from spoken Latin, which was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Romans after their occupation of the peninsula that started in the late 3rd century BC. Today it is the world's 4th most widely spoken language, after English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. [1]

  5. Spanish language. 10 varieties of Mexican Spanish. In purple, the major variations and dialects of Castilian/Spanish in Spain. In other colors, the extent of the other languages of Spain in the bilingual areas. Dialects of Spanish spoken in Argentina. 5 varieties of Spanish spoken in Peru.

  6. Spanish is also the most learned language other than English, [3] with about 8 million students. Estimates count up to 57 million native speakers, heritage language speakers, and second-language speakers. [4] [5] [6] There is an Academy of the Spanish Language located in the United States as well.

  7. Spanish or Castilian (castellano) is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from the Vulgar Latin spoken on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is a global language with about 500 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain, and about 600 million when including speakers as a second language.

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