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  1. Taipei was made an administrative entity of the Chinese government in 1875, and, when Taiwan was proclaimed a province of China in 1886, the city was made the provincial capital. The Japanese acquired Taiwan in 1895 as part of the peace agreement after the first Sino-Japanese War and retained Taipei as the capital. During that time the city acquired the characteristics of an administrative centre, including many new public buildings and housing for civil servants.

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    Taipei is the economic, political, educational and cultural center of Taiwan and one of the major hubs in East Asia. Considered to be a global city and rated as an Alpha − City by GaWC, [12] Taipei is part of a major high-tech industrial area. [13] Railways, highways, airports and bus lines connect Taipei with all parts of the island.

  3. Taipei Awarded Best in Travel 2022 Taipei is a friendly city whose allure lies in its blend of Chinese culture with a curious fusion of Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences. Historical Journey In many ways this 300-year-old city is like a living museum.

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    Wherever you go, the cultural kaleidoscope of Taipei showcases exhilarating diversity. Incense-veiled temples with exquisite carvings and paintings dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly in streets of the modern city. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the most authentic Chinese cuisines.

  5. Taipei City is a fusion of multiple immigrant cultures. Various religions coexist peacefully, offering comfort and counseling to the souls that seek peace and shelter. The religious center in Wanhua District “Longshan Temple” is also referred to as “the most well known temple in Taipei”.

  6. Feb 4, 2021 · As the capital city, Taipei is a cultural and economic hub. With years of interesting and contested history, this island city has so much to offer. From the finest in shopping and design, to traditional markets and ancient museums, Taipei is the heart of Taiwan and a must-see for travelers of all ages. 1. Taipei is Asia's 2nd richest city per capita.

  7. Taipei is easy to get around, has a computer-savvy population and a unique and interesting culture. 6 million people visit Taipei each year. Many head straight to the city’s landmark skyscraper,Taipei 101, theNational Palace Museum, and the gloriousChiang Kai-shek Memorial Halldowntown.To the southeast, the Maokong tea-growing area is another favorite destination.

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