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  1. The town of Tagaste (the present Souk-Ahras in Algeria) was situated in the north-east highlands of Numidia, some 75 kilometres (sixty miles) from Hippo Regius (the present Annaba [Bone]) the sea-side city where Augustine was to spend the last 40 years of his life.It was about a dozen kilometres (15 miles) from Madaura (the present M'Daourouch ...

  2. Feb 28, 2019 · Augustine's Crooked Path. Augustine was born in 354 in Thagaste, in the North African province of Numidia, now Algeria. His father, Patricius, was a pagan who worked and saved so his son could receive a good education. Monica, his mother, was a committed Christian who prayed constantly for her son.

  3. 1032 Return to Thagaste. After completing his formal education with three or four years of study in Carthage, Augustine in the year 374 returned to the much smaller location of Thagaste, his home town, to develop his teaching career. No doubt his status locally was raised by his education in Carthage, but both his professional life and his ...

  4. Thagaste, (TAGASTE), a titular see in Numidia, was a rather important municipality. It is mentioned by Pliny (V, iv, 4) and the “Itinerar. Antonini” (44), but nothing is known of its history. It is famous as having been the birthplace of St. Augustine, who was born there in 354 of the pagan Patricius and St. Monica.

  5. Aug 28, 2023 · The local Thagaste Bridge bears testament to the city’s ancient lineage, and nearby ancient ruins offer some evidence of Roman rule from centuries past. Perhaps most poignantly, at the center of...

  6. › in-africa-again › 1201-thagaste-communityAUGNET : 1201 Thagaste community

    Life of Augustine / In Africa again / 1201 Thagaste community (an1201) This is the first of seventeen pages on "Augustine in Africa again." They deal with his life from the year 388 until his death in 430 AD. Use the vertical navigation bar at the left of this page to access the other pages in this section.

  7. Thagaste is now Souk Ahras, capital of a commune of 7500 inhabitants of whom 4000 are Europeans, and of a mixed community of 42,600 inhabitants, Department of Constantine, Algeria. Souk-Ahras, its modern representative, is built on a small peaked plateau, and is well served by railways.

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