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  1. Mar 13, 2021 · Om Theodrada of St. Quentin, abbess of Herford (Norsk) Thietrade Franks-79217 [Parents].Thietrade married Isanbart Des Franken Count von Thurgau-79216. They had the following children:

  2. Charlemagne was a medieval ruler, who once ruled many parts of Western Europe. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

  3. The Vita Adalhardi names "Bernarius…et Theodrada soror eius", this text following the paragraph which records "quinque…viri propagate…"[43]. According to Settipani, Theodrada became a nun in 814 but he does not cite the primary source on which this is based[44]. Abbess of Sainte-Marie de Soissons. m ---.

  4. This hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that the first names of Bernard, Gundrada and Theodrada are found in the brothers and sisters of Wala and Adalard. Only, it is chronologically improbable that Chrotais is daughter of Wala, impossible that it is daughter of a brother or sister of Wala, who were too young, and the Vita Adalhardiis formal ...

  5. Hildegard (c. 754 – 30 April 783), was a Frankish queen consort who was the second wife of Charlemagne and mother of Louis the Pious.Little is known about her life, because, like all women related to Charlemagne, she became notable only from a political background, recording her parentage, wedding, death, and her role as a mother.

  6. Bernard d'Italie [1], né vers 797, mort le 17 avril 818, fut roi des Lombards de 813 [réf. souhaitée] à 817.Petit-fils de Charlemagne, c'est un fils illégitime de Pépin, roi des Lombards.

  7. Theodrada, * wohl 800/810, † nach 810 (II) Ludwig I. der Fromme, * Juni/August 778 in Chasseneuil (Zwilling), † 20. Juni 840 bei Ingelheim, 781 König von Aquitanien, 11. September 813 in Aachen zum Mitkaiser gekrönt, 30. Juni 833 bis 1. März 834 abgesetzt, begraben in St. Arnulf in Metz; ⚭ I. 794 Irmingard von Hespengau (Ermengard), † 3.

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