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  1. Ulrika Eleonora or Ulrica Eleanor, known as Ulrika Eleonora the Younger, was Queen of Sweden, reigning in her own right from 5 December 1718 until her abdication on 29 February 1720 in favour of her husband King Frederick, and then as his consort until her death. She was the youngest child of King Charles XI and Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark and named after her mother. After the death of her brother King Charles XII in 1718, she claimed the throne. Her deceased older sister, Hedvig Sophia, had left

    • 5 December 1718 – 29 February 1720
    • Frederick I
  2. Nov 20, 2022 · Ulrika Eleonora, (born Jan. 23, 1688, Stockholm—died Nov. 24, 1741, Stockholm), Swedish queen whose short reign (1718–20) led to Sweden’s Age of Freedom —a 52-year decline of absolutism in favour of parliamentary government. Ulrika Eleonora was a sister of the unmarried king Charles XII; after the death of her elder sister Hedvig Sofia in 1708, she became heir to the Swedish throne.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  3. Ulrika Eleonora arrived in Helsingborg in Sweden on 4 May 1680, where she was welcomed by canon salutation, the Queen Dowager, the Swedish court and the local aristocracy. Two days later she met and married Charles at Skottorp Manor on 6 May 1680. The wedding was hasty and a relatively simple affair in the presence of a small circle of courtiers.

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  5. Oct 3, 2022 · Dronning Ulrika Eleonora af Sverige Wittelsbach (born Oldenburg) in FamilySearch Family Tree view all 25 Immediate Family King Charles XI of Sweden second cousin once removed Hedwig Sophia Herzogin von Schle... daughter Karl XII of Sweden son Prince Gustav of Sweden son Prince Ulrik of Sweden son Prince Frederick of Sweden son

  6. Apr 2, 2020 · Ulrika Eleonora Vasa of Sweden (Wittelsbach Vasa), Queen and Queen Consort of Sweden (1688 - 1741) - Genealogy Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden ‹ Back to Vasa of Sweden surname View Complete Profile view all 20 Immediate Family Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Kas... third cousin once removed King Charles XI of Sweden father

    • January 23, 1688
    • November 24, 1741
  7. Louisa Ulrika was received with enthusiasm in Sweden as the hope for the salvation of succession crisis. At the birth of her first child in 1745, no children had been born in the Swedish royal house in over 50 years and she gained initial popularity with her beauty, wit and interest in science and culture.

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