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  1. Why to watch

    • 'Under the Bridge' seeks the truth
    • When: The first two episodes of Under the Bridge stream April 17 on Hulu.
    • What to know: The limited series tells the true story of one teenage girl who went to a party to see friends and never came home.
    • Based on the true-crime book of the same title by Rebecca Godfrey, the show stars Riley Keough as Godfrey and Lily Gladstone as local police officer Cam Bentland.
    • The pair, who have their own past, investigate the 1997 murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta).
    • Set on a small island in British Columbia, the crime drama explores the dark side of teenage girlhood and extreme bullying while also delving into culture clashes, religious rebellion and parent-child dynamics.
    • Plot twists abound as novelist Godfrey gets closer to the kids suspected of the murder while reconnecting with childhood friend Bentland.
    • Over eight episodes, Godfrey entangles herself more into the lives of the troubled teens, confronting reminders of her own tragic past at the same time.
    • Godfrey, who served as an executive producer on the drama, died of lung cancer in 2022 at 54, one week after Hulu announced it had ordered an adaptation of the series.
    • — Laura Clark, entertainment editor/reporter
    • April 17, 2024