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    The Vatican Hill was included within the city limits of Rome during the reign of Pope Leo IV, who, between 848 and 852, expanded the city walls to protect St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. Thus, Vatican Hill has been within the walls and city limits of Rome for over 1100 years.

    • Mons Vaticanus
    • Borgo
  2. The Vatican Hill is located right on the opposite side of the Seven Hills of Rome. The hill is situated just across from the Tiber. The Vatican Hill was in existence even before Christianity took its strong ground in Rome. It is said that the Vatican Hill was the site of an Etruscan town known as Vaticum.

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  3. Vatican Hill, Colle Vaticano, Mons Vaticanus, Vatikanischer Hügel – all names for the same, insignificant knoll rising above the Vatican Gardens, in the extreme north west of the territory of the State of Vatican City in Rome.

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    • 41.23722°N / 12.45139°E
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  5. Vatican Hill. Vatican Hill (Latin: Mons Vaticanus, Italian: Colle Vaticano) is a hill located across the Tiber River from the traditional seven hills of Rome. It is the location of St. Peter's Basilica. From the 8th century B.C., when Rome was traditionally founded ( the year A.U.C. One), and through A.D. the mid-9th century, Vatican Hill was ...

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