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    2 days ago · Virgin Interactive Entertainment (later renamed Avalon Interactive) was the video game publishing division of British conglomerate the Virgin Group. It was formed as Virgin Games in 1983. [7] Initially built around a small development team called the Gang of Five, the company grew significantly after purchasing budget label Mastertronic in 1987.

    • 1983; 38 years ago (as Virgin Games), 1993; 28 years ago (as Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
    • London, England, UK (international HQ), Irvine, California, US (global HQ)
  2. Virgin Group - Wikipedia › wiki › Virgin_Group

    Apr 02, 2021 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational venture capital conglomerate founded by Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell. Virgin Group's date of incorporation is listed as 1989 by Companies House, who class it as a holding company; however Virgin's business and trading activities date back to the 1970s.

    • February 1970; 51 years ago
    • London, England
    • Approximately 71,000
    • Peter Norris (Chairman), Josh Bayliss (CEO)
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  4. Virgin Interactive - CLG Wiki - Miraheze › wiki › Virgin

    Mar 19, 2021 · Virgin Games was a prolific British game developer and publisher formed in 1981, as part of Richard Branson's brand empire Virgin. They purchased Mastertronic in 1987 and were renamed Virgin Interactive in 1994.

  5. Martin Alper - Wikipedia › wiki › Martin_Alper

    5 days ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Martin Alper (1942 – June 7, 2015) was a video game designer and the former President of Virgin Interactive, once one of the largest companies in the field. Alper was a co-founder of Mastertronic, which went on to become Virgin Interactive following its acquisition by Richard Branson.

  6. Disney's Aladdin (Virgin Games video game) - Wikipedia › wiki › Disney&

    Apr 03, 2021 · Disney's Aladdin is a platform game based on the 1992 film of the same name developed by Virgin Games USA.The game was released by Sega for the Sega Genesis on November 11, 1993 as one of several games based on the film, including another game that was released in the same month by Capcom for the Super NES.

    • David Bishop, Bill Anderson, Tom Tanaka, Seth Mendelsohn
    • David Perry
  7. List of 3DO Interactive Multiplayer games - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_3DO_Interactive

    Apr 02, 2021 · Cryo Interactive Virgin Interactive 1995 NA Lucienne's Quest: Role-playing game Microcabin Panasonic (NA) Microcabin (JP) September 14, 1995 NA, JP Macaroni Hōren Shō Interactive: Adventure Future Pirate Toshiba EMI: January 13, 1995 JP Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold: Interactive movie, Light gun shooter American Laser Games American Laser Games ...

  8. Virginity - Wikipedia › wiki › Virginity

    Apr 01, 2021 · Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. There are cultural and religious traditions that place special value and significance on this state, predominantly towards unmarried females, associated with notions of personal purity, honor and worth.

  9. Brightline - Wikipedia › wiki › Brightline

    Apr 02, 2021 · Brightline is a privately run inter-city rail route between Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida.Brightline began operating over its current route in January 2018 and the company is currently building an extension to the Orlando International Airport which is expected to enter service in 2022.

  10. Virgin Atlantic - Wikipedia › wiki › Virgin_Atlantic

    3 days ago · Virgin Atlantic, a trading name of Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited, is a British airline with its head office in Crawley, England.. The airline was established in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways, and was originally planned by its co-founders Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary to fly between London and the Falkland Isla